Qualcomm recruits former Apple engineer to find a way to beat the M-Series chip line

It is not an exaggeration to say that Apple is the leading name in the ARM processor game with its high-performance, power-saving chip line of the M-Series, which is being applied very successfully by the company on the new generation MacBook Pro models. .

On the other side of the “front line”, while Intel and AMD still seem to be stuck in the preparation stage, another big name, Qualcomm, has quickly announced plans to release chipsets based on ARM architecture for smartphones. PC. More importantly, Qualcomm did not hesitate to reveal their upcoming chip models that will compete directly with the M-Series product line from Apple. What “secret weapon” is Qualcomm holding to gain such confidence?

Specifically, on the stage of the recent annual investor meeting event, Qualcomm announced its plan to release an ARM-based SoC series for the high-end PC segment, in order to compete directly with the current series of ARM-based SoCs. Apple’s new M-Series chip. In addition, the company has also publicly announced its intention to become the leader in the PC industry by delivering processor solutions that emphasize “sustainable performance and battery life”. At the same time, Qualcomm will also not limit that plan to only the computer area, but also optimize the new chip architecture for mobile devices, vehicles, data center applications, etc.

Notably, the high-end ARM chipset series that Qualcomm is expected to launch in the near future will be designed by Nuvia, a chip startup founded by three former Apple engineers, who worked on the A series of chips. -series is also very successful. Qualcomm acquired Nuvia earlier this year, and will leverage the experience and talent of this group of former Apple engineers to develop a strategy to beat Apple itself in the field of ARM processors for PCs.

Qualcomm calls its next-generation chips “competitive M-series solutions for PCs”. Meanwhile, Apple is also gradually becoming independent, with strong efforts to become less dependent on Qualcomm’s 5G modems. Therefore, this promises to be an uphill battle between the two giants in the global chip industry.

Nuvia CEO Gerard Williams also currently serves as senior vice president of Qualcomm’s engineering division. After leaving Apple, this engineer was sued by his former company for allegedly exploiting Apple’s proprietary technology and luring other employees to work for him at Nuvia. However, Williams has also filed a counter-suit against Apple, and no settlement has yet been reached between the two sides.

That said, Gerard Williams has certainly played a significant role in Apple’s processor development. And those experiences can completely bring beneficial contributions to Qualcomm. Let’s wait and see!


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