[Quảng cáo]What is FuturoCoin?  - 3 reasons for FuturoCoin to prove its ability to outperform Bitcoin

[Quảng cáo]What is FuturoCoin? – 3 reasons for FuturoCoin to prove its ability to outperform Bitcoin

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Blockchain technology is gradually “invading” the world, it is being applied in all fields. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran investor with many years of experience in the crypto market. However, if you are a “newbie” entering this field, you do not have a thousand dollars to own 1 Bitcoin (current market price is more than 8,000 USD), with your little capital. You are looking for a completely new digital currency, but has the potential for long-term growth in the future. And FuturoCoin may be the answer, the digital currency you’ve been looking for for so long.

FuturoCoin was introduced to the blockchain community in January 2018. FoturoCoin is part of a peer-to-peer network (P2P), capable of providing instant transactions and payments. Existing major crypto exchanges such as YoBit, Coindeal and Piyasa have in turn introduced FuturoCoin on their trading systems. FutoroCoin (FTO) daily trading volume at the YoBit exchange has reached $ 255,000.

So what is FuturoCoin?

FoturoCoin Basically developed based on the source code of DASH, a cryptocurrency that is very familiar to those who have entered this cryptocurrency market, DASH is currently ranked 12th in the top 15 cryptocurrencies currently. present on CoinMarkCap. So FuturoCoin reserves the right to inherit DASH’s benefits and upgrades.

Here are the 3 main benefits of FuturoCoin:

  1. Instant payment

The team of developers has created an extended version of DASH. And one of the first major differences between DASH and FuturoCoin is the instant payment system, which means that transactions will be executed instantly. This shows that FuturoCoin completely eliminates the problem of waiting until transactions are confirmed. Another point to note is that the confirmation of any transaction takes only 4 seconds for FurutoCoin, while at DASH it can take up to 15 minutes. Furthermore, there can be up to 10 inputs or outputs per transaction for a fixed fee.

2. Double layer network

FuturoCoin uses masternodes, which are responsible for instant, manageable, low transaction fees and fixed. As for DASH, masternodes will have an additional extra fee for processing instant transactions, but not at FuturoCoin.

3. Transaction fee

Emphasize that all transactions in FuturoCoin are instant, and there is a fixed fee, while in DASH will vary and depend on the currency’s rate and type of transaction – i.e. instant trading. it is more expensive than the regular transaction. Fees in FuturoCoin do not depend on the number of coins to be deposited. With 1 transaction you can send up to 10 recipients, and the fee will not change.

One of the most important of all, FuturoCoin is completely transparent transactions with its users. The Code is publicly available, and you can test it right away. This project is legitimate and has a high security system, keeping it free from any attacks from outside.

FuturoCoin could become a potential digital currency in the future, it has both benefits in trading and daily use. Investors both large and small can join FuturoCoin, and will receive higher returns as FuturoCoin expands its developer network. FuturoCoin can be used as a financial instrument to invest in other projects. Meanwhile, casual users can use FuturoCoin for shopping and daily payments and it doesn’t take long to transact.

For more information about FuturoCoin, please visit the official website.

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