Quick launch Windows 10 by turning off less used applications

After the official release of Windows 10 for users, Microsoft has received quite a lot of negative feedback from users when the process of booting into Windows 10 is long and the operation on the computer is slow, making many people feel so down. The following content, which will help boot Windows 10 faster

After upgrading to Windows 10 or installing, with a certain period of time you feel your computer will boot slower than usual. Thanks to the clean and optimal utilities to speed up the operating system is understandable.

Quick launch Windows 10 by turning off less used applications

But if you are a careful Windows 10 user and do not believe in the optimization of these software, you can still be completely proactive in improving the processing speed and startup of Windows 10 easily. easily with the ways Taimienphi.vn introduced the following.

Instructions on how to quickly boot Windows 10

Method 1: Turn off programs that start with Windows

Like the previous operating system, to improve boot speed as well as during use. Check and remove programs that start with Windows using the key combination Windows + R To open the Run dialog box, type msconfig then press OK, got it.

How to quickly restart Windows 10

Here you select the tab Startup, select and disable programs that consume a lot of resources and keep only important programs such as support drivers or anti-virus software …

Method 2: Turn off the transparency effects

Despite its popularity, the transparent interface and effects are a leading cause of Windows performance degradation due to excessive use of system resources to maintain this transparent interface.

To disable the effects and transparency of Windows 10, open the application Settings up, then visit Personalization.

windows 10

Next, click on customize Colors and navigate to the option Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent and swipe away OFF to disable.

win 10

Method 3: Activate the quick start feature

Right-click on the Windows logo in the lower left corner of the screen and select Power Options

quickly restart windows

Select the item Require a password on makeup in the upper left corner

windows 10 restarted quickly

Click on it Change settings that are currently unavailable.

tang to hair lock windows 10

Check the box Turn on fast start up (recommended) and press Save changes to save settings.

hair loss due to seizure win 10

Note: if you see this option can not be checked in section Shutdown Settings, this means your computer has not enabled this feature.

To enable this feature, right-click on the Windows logo in the left corner of the screen and select Command Prompt (Admin)

tang to hair due to restarting windows

Command window appears, type the following command: powercfg / hibermate and press Enter

o ssd also

Then come back and try the same way again.

Method 3: Limit the start-up feature of Windows with less used services.

– From any interface in Windows, press the keystrokes Windows + R

– A dialog box appears, you type services.msc and press Enter

reinstall windows

Double-click on the service that you find takes a long time to launch (or less used service)> switch items Startup type from Default to Delayed Start > Save the changes and reboot the system again.

quickly restart Windows 10

Note: Can turn off or Delayed Start The following services to speed up startup:

– Diagnostic Policy Service

– Distributed Link Tracking Client

– IP Helper, Offline Files

– Program Compatibility Assistant Service

– Portable Device Enumerator Service

– Print Spooler (if you are not using the printer)

– Remote Registry

– Secondary Logon and Security Center

Method 4: Regularly update and scan for viruses

quickly restart 10

Windows is the operating system prone to many viruses and malicious code today because it is the common operating system for everyone. Although the Windows version is regularly updated, it is inevitable for the target of vandals. With the anti-virus engine built into Microsoft operating system is Windows Defender, the virus elimination is negligible with this basic program.

In order for the device to run and operate stably, you should use a paid software that has strong virus scanning capabilities such as Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Internet Security or BKAV …

Method 5: Reinstall the new version of Windows.

If you’ve tried all of the above, but the boot time of your Windows 10 computer still hasn’t improved, now maybe the last solution you need to do is to reinstall your computer completely new. with the Windows 10 Anniversary edition. This update is announced to run faster, have more improved features, be smarter with Cortana and integrate deeply with mobile devices, higher performance Edge browser, better gaming experience, and security. upgradeā€¦

windows 10 running cham

Method 6: Upgrade, replace normal HDD with SSD hard drive

If your computer is running at sluggish speeds, this will be the last way to ensure that your computer will run many times faster. Instead of upgrading RAM as people often think, upgrade your regular HDD to SSD so it can boot up and use faster.

quickly restart Windows 10

SSDs (Solid-State Drive) is currently being used quite popular when the price is no longer as high as before. Because SSDs don’t have many moving components, they can withstand more vibration than standard HDDs. SSDs offer unbelievable read and write performance, when their speeds are up to 10 times that of conventional HDDs. To choose a quality SSD, you can refer to the article on buying SSDs that Taimienphi has shared before.

So with the article summarizing how to quickly boot Windows 10 that Taimienphi introduced to you above, you can completely handle and fix this situation on your computer. In addition, you can refer to the article on how to reset Windows 10 to the initial state to make your computer as clean as the first time you install Windows. Good luck.


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