Quickly browse data using the Taskbar on your computer

Quickly browse data using the Taskbar on your computer

Normally you want to access the data on your computer, you have to go to the folder containing the data to open it. However, a convenient way is to quickly access the data with the Taskbar on the computer.

Accessing data from the Taskbar on your computer saves you a lot of time and manipulation compared to normal ways. The following article, Taimienphi.vn will guide you how to quickly browse data by Taskbar on your computer.

Guide Quickly browse data with Taskbar on computer

Step 1: You need to add Toolbar options to help quickly work on your computer by right clicking on the bar Taskbar and choose Desktop for quick access to files and folders on the Desktop

Quickly navigate to the taskbar

Step 2: For quick access to data, click the icon >> As shown below and click on the application, file or folder you want to open at the screen. Or open files, folders in the drive by clicking on Computer and select the drive.

Alternatively: You can create your own directory to quickly access essential data

– Right click on the bar Taskbar ->Toolbars ->New toolbar …

– Navigate to the directory containing the data that needs quick access and press Select Folder (Here Taimienphi.vn select directories TAIMIENPHI in drive D)

– Then the folder name appears on the Taskbar, to quickly access the data in this folder, click on the icon >> and click the file or folder to open.

Thus, with the detailed instructions above, you already know how to quickly browse the data with the Taskbar on the computer instead of performing the steps as before. Also, you can refer to the way Customize the taskbar on windows


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