Quickly use Windows tools with Your Uninstaller

With Windows Tools feature on Your Uninstaller, users can use tools like Cmd, Services. If you are afraid to remember these Windows commands, use Your Uninstaller for quick access.

Normally, if you want to use CMD to change Windows customizations, you must enter cmd into Run, similar to Services as services.ms … It will be difficult to remember if you are not a professional who works with tools. This Windows. But with Your Uninstaller, you can quickly access and use these features with just a few mouse clicks. See instructions below for how to do it.

Quickly use Windows tools with Your Uninstaller:

Step 1: On Your Uninstaller interface, select Windows Tools.

Step 2: In the Windows Tools dialog box, there are tools to help you get into it quickly.

Use the window quickly

Step 3: Active TCP / IP: A Netstat command that lists network connections and ports.

Use the window quickly

Step 4: Familiar cmd command.

Use the window quickly

Step 5: Open virtual keyboard.

Use the window quickly

Step 6: Access the Services command.

Use the window quickly

Step 7: View computer information with System Information.

Use the window quickly

Above are some quick commands on Your Uninstaller Taimienphi.vn introduced, you can download the software to your computer to experience the best.

If you do not understand these commands, you can learn more about cmd commands on your computer. For advanced users of the computer, the cmd command or command prompt is very helpful. You will be able to change your computer settings, fix a lot of errors with these commands.

Another software that also has the function to uninstall programs like Your Uninstaller and has many extra features is CCleaner. This is indispensable software on your computer. CCleaner supports cleaning your computer, removing software, deleting virus files … and many other features.


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