Rainbow wallpapers, cute rainbow backgrounds

Rainbow is basically considered a natural phenomenon when there is dispersion of light from the Sun when refracted and reflected through raindrops. Not just a natural phenomenon. In many different cultures, when the rainbow appears, it is considered to bring good luck to the world.

The image of the rainbow brings very rich meanings such as representing the gods, the high realm of enlightenment or the embodiment of the devil. And the rainbow also became a symbol for the gay recognition (LGBT) movement.

The colors of the rainbow are also included in the photos, the wallpaper is used by many designers to create beautiful rainbow backgrounds. If you want a set of rainbow wallpapers for your computer and phone, try some of the rainbow background images below.

Rainbow wallpapers for phones, rainbow wallpapers for phones

The set of rainbow wallpapers for phones below has a large original capacity. So Quantrimang has resized it for your convenience. If you want to download the full set of rainbow wallpapers for your phone, please scroll down below.

Download rainbow wallpapers for your phone

Rainbow wallpapers for phones, Rainbow wallpapers for PC

Similar to the rainbow wallpaper set for phones above, the rainbow wallpaper set for PC below has also been resized for your convenience. To download the rainbow wallpaper set for PC below, please select the download link below this wallpaper set.

Download the rainbow wallpaper set for your computer

Above is a set of rainbow wallpapers for PC and phones, not only designed in a simple way with 7 colors of the rainbow and rainbow images taken naturally. The rainbow image is also designed in a cute style and is being chosen by many girls as a wallpaper for their smartphone or computer.

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