Rate Sync.com, cloud storage service on

Rate Sync.com, cloud storage service on

Thuthuat.taimienphi.vn will give you an overview of the cloud storage service Sycn.com through the following Sync.com review article, to help you consider whether Sycn.com is a translation service. Whether the service is worthy of trust or not.

Sync.com is an online cloud storage service, launched in 2013, with the goal of making it easy for users to access and share their files from almost any computer and mobile device, without giving up. your privacy. Today, the service has more than 750,000 registered users in more than 180 countries, and shares nearly 3 million files in total. 2.5 billion files Stored securely on Sync.com every day. After reading these numbers, you’re probably wondering what is special about this service? Join us to rate Sync.com through the content below.

Rate Sync.com, advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage services

Table of Contents:
I. The strengths of Sync.com.
II. Does Sync.com have any drawbacks?

I. The strengths of Sync.com

1. Flexibility

service sync sync com

Review Sync.com, free 5G online data backup

Sync.com can be used as a backup service, as well as a file sharing tool.

2. User friendly interface

The application interface for Windows, Mac and mobile devices is easy to understand and use, allowing for quick and logical file organization.

3. Strong security features

review sync.com

Review Sync.com, an online data backup tool

The strength of Sync is giving users full control over the aspect of data security in the following ways:

– Based in Canada, Sync ensures that all your data meets federal data security laws and encrypts all information that only you have access to the key (unless it is share).

– Compliance includes but is not limited to HIPAA (United States), PIPEDA (Canada), PHIPA (Ontario).

– You can also protect any desired folder or file with a password to share with others, and include the expiration time option as an additional security measure to reduce the risk of people Unwanted access to intellectual property and confidential information.

– You also have the option to send an additional security code yourself when you want to log in with your usual username and password to add an extra layer of protection. Information will be emailed or you can set up and use Google Authenticator on your phone.

II. Does Sync.com have any drawbacks?

Strong security is great for hosted and highly private projects, but it limits you to working with others when using all the added security measures. In addition, it should be noted that Sync.com’s user-friendly interface on mobile may seem cumbersome for some users. Finally, Sync.com has no version for Linux. After the above information, how do you comment and rate Sync.com? If you are also interested in Backblaze cloud storage service, please refer to the article Review Backblaze here.


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