Read Word files even without opening the file

Read Word files even without opening the file

The trick of reading Word files without opening the file on Windows is an interesting little trick that few people know about with the Preview Pane feature available on Windows operating systems, not only displaying text, users can use it. this feature to preview content such as images, videos,…

The feature of reading Word files even if you do not directly click on that document to read is especially useful in case you have to process too many documents every day, while helping you still understand the content of Word files. help you work faster while still remembering the text name.
Advantages of reading Word files without opening the software:
– Browse text content fast, compact without opening the browser
– Save time when you need to view a lot of content, files

Instructions on how to preview Word files without opening

1. On Windows 10
2. On Windows 7

How to read Word files without opening the file

1. On Windows 10, 8.1 . Operating System
Open folder contains the Word file you want to view. On the window Windows Explorer, you click View tab in the menu bar at the top of the screen, then Select Preview Pane.
Right now a Preview window will appear on the right side of the screen and display all the content contained in the text file that you want to view.

doc word file can't have file 6

2. On the operating system Win 7 and earlier versions
Open Windows Explorer and access the folder containing the Word file you need to open. Click on the icon Preview Pane in the upper right corner of the screen.

doc word file can't have file

After clicking on this icon, on the interface Windows Explorer, window Preview will appear with the content of the Word file you want to read.

Thanks to this function, you will not have to perform many operations as before, both knowing how many files are in the folder, and not forgetting the name of the file. Or if you do not want to use this function available on Windows, you can search and download other software that support reading Word files available at
How to read DOC files without opening is introduced by Taimienphi in the article using features available on computer operating systems and applies to all current versions of Word.


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