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Record computer screen videos with high quality Bandicam


Bandicam computer screen recording software allows users to capture sharp and detailed frames, this is the first choice for those who regularly make instructional videos, record games on the website as well as many activities. other actions to serve needs or work.

With Bandicam you can easily record videos, record operations on your computer screen with the best quality for work such as presentations or creating lectures … In addition, you absolutely can Record web game videos to share with many other gamers.

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Instruction for recording videos with high quality Bandicam

Let us learn how to record screen video with Bandicam. In addition to Bandicam, you can also refer to some other software that supports screen recording such as sangit, or FastStone Capture, which has the same function. Snagit or FastStone Capture ..

Record computer screen videos with high quality Bandicam

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Download the latest version of the software here: Download Bandicam

Step 1: After installing Bandicam, you click on the program icon on the desktop.
Video recording Bandicam state display
Step 2: In the main interface of the program you can change the folder path containing the video file after recording on the General tab and change the Output folder.
Record video with Bandicam screen
Step 3: Switch to the Video tab, where you can set up shortcuts when using the program and set the Video format in Settings.
Record video screen Bandicam state
Step 4: The limitation of this program is that you can only create 2 video formats, AVI and Mp4, you can easily change that parameter here.
Record video with Bandicam screen
Step 5: Switch to the Output Tab, which stores your video after it’s done recording.
Record video of Bandicam computer screen
Step 6: After you have set the parameters, click the square icon to determine the area to be rotated.
Record video screen with Bandicam computer
Step 7: You can easily adjust the screen as full windows, full screen or you can adjust the size as desired below. After making your selection, click the red REC button to start recording the video again.
Record video of Bandicam computer screen
During the video recording you can use the Drawing mode (pen icon) to redraw, or highlight …
Record video screen with Bandicam computer
To finish you click Stop and the game hand icon of the program
So with the above guide, you can easily use Bandicam to record video on computer screen with avi and mp4 formats of good quality for your work as well as in your study.



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