Record screen videos with Total Video Converter

Screen recording with Total Video Converter is a feature that not everyone knows when using and working on this software. In addition to users using to convert video formats, convert video extensions … now, you can now record video on your computer screen with this Video format conversion software.

Total Video Converter is an application designed to help users convert a video of a specific format to another format. Users can use this software to convert many different videos at the same time, with very simple operation, easy to perform, and especially users can use. turn the computer screen with Total Video Converter.

Using Total Video Converter turns the computer screen

Guide Record screen video with Total Video Converter

– Download Total Video Converter for computers, laptops here: Download Total Video Converter
– See the instructions Install Total Video Converter here.

To record video and record your computer screen with Total Video Converter, follow these steps:

Step 1: First you open the software Total Video Converter up, then you turn to do the following:

– Left click on the item Tools
– Click on Advanced Tools.
– Next, left click on Desktop Capture & Game Capture.

video recording screen with total video converter 2

Step 2: Display E.M. Free Game Capture appears -> here, you will set the parameters to record activity on the screen.

(1) Select a recording mode:

Game Capture: Lets you spin the gaming screen.
Desktop Capture: Allows you to record the normal computer screen.
Settings: Allows you to set up Settings.

(2) Record Area – Select a recording type:

window: Allows you to film any window.
Region: Allows you to film any part of the screen.
Full Screen: Allows you to record full screen.

video recording screen with total video converter 3

(3) Format – Video format:

Click this item (it will be Flash Video by default) and go to the section Video File, then you can choose a video format to make recording.

(4) File Path – Location to save the file:

Click on the dot icon (right next to it Open) in section File Path for users to change the location to save files on the computer.

(5) – Capture:

After you finish the above custom -> left click Capture to begin the process of recording the computer screen.

video recording screen with total video converter 4

Step 3: On your computer screen will appear (in the upper left corner) a small menu as shown in the image below. You clicked Start to start the screen recording process

video recording screen with total video converter 5

If you select full-screen recording mode, Total Video Converter will perform the recording, but if you choose different recording modes, depending on your choice, a new window will appear for you to choose. area of ​​screen recording.

You will notice Blue framed icon moved on to pink => ie you are performing screen recording. To stop recording, click Stop.

video recording screen with total video converter 6

Step 4: When you Stop During the recording process, Total Video Converter will display a small message -> you can choose Play to review the last screen recording process.

video recording screen with total video converter 7

If you leave the video format as Flash, the video will be right there in the saved folder you set up above. If you choose a different format, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the Total Video Converter application to automatically convert the file format.

video recording screen with total video converter 8

Above has shown you how Record screen videos with Total Video Converter, which helps users record their computer usage. With this application, in addition to helping you convert files, convert files, you can also use them as a video screen tool to save time, without having to use specialized software to record screens. .

In addition, if you need a dedicated application to record video on your computer screen, you can use: Bandicam, Camtasia Studio, ActivePresenter and especially CamStudio – Video screen recording software for computers and laptops is highly appreciated by users today for its usefulness in use.
Or you can also make a video recording of your computer screen without installing software if you are using a computer, laptop Windows 10. Xbox Game Bar feature is enabled, users can easily record screens. The computer is very fast and easy. Refer to how to record screen videos on for usage. Good luck!


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