Record video in Teamviewer, record the computer screen connected by Teamviewer

Record video in TeamViewer, record the computer screen when connecting remotely, have you ever tried it? This is an interesting feature of remote control software TeamViewer, follow the content below to know how to record videos on TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is one of the most effective remote computer control software today, performing remote computer control via TeamViewer, you can manipulate on the connected computer as if sitting in front of it.

To connect to Teamviewer, users need an ID and password. Teamviewer’s default password is 4 characters. But for better security you can adjust the Teamviewer password length. With way change the password of Teamviewer You can increase the password length from 4 characters to 10 characters. Or adjust for Teamviewer not to use Password. Users connect Teamviewer usually to fix, fix errors for others remotely. You can record a video in Teamviewer to show how to fix errors for many others to do it themselves.

Video recording in Teamviewer

1. Record video in Teamviewer manually

Step 1: On the Teamviewer console you select Files & Extras.

Step 2: Continue to choose Start Session recording. So you have started recording video in Teamviewer.

Video recording in teamviewer

After recording, users just need to press Stop to end the process and Save the newly recorded video.

2. Record video in Teamviewer automatically

Step 1: To record a video in Teamviewer automatically, you need to install Teamviewer before connecting the controller.

In Teamviewer interface, select Extras.

Video recording in teamviewer

Step 2: Choose next Options.

Video recording in teamviewer

Step 3: In Teamviewer Options. You choose the item Remote Control.

Video recording in teamviewer

Step 4: Tick ​​the box Auto record remote control sessions.

Finally press OK, got it to save.

Video recording in teamviewer

With these two ways, users will easily record videos in Teamviewer and create video tutorials.

Using Teamviewer frequently, you will probably encounter Accessto the TeamViewer Server Has Been Denied error. With this error on Teamviewer, users will not be able to connect to control the computer. That’s why you need it fix Accessto the TeamViewer Server Has Been Denied If this situation encountered. Pay attention to the correct step by step instructions of to completely fix this error on Teamviewer.
Another software that can also connect to remote computers like Teamviewer is UltraViewer. In fact, the Teamviewer software is famous, but it has many errors during use, so you should install UltraViewer as an emergency backup plan if Teamviewer has a problem.


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