Record your computer screen with OBS Studio

In addition to being a live streaming software for Facebook and Youtube, OBS Studio also has the ability to record your screen, so how to record a computer screen using OBS Studio and what are the advantages compared to other recording software? current screen?

You may not know this feature of OBS studio, but OBS studio is really one of the most multifunctional and useful screen recording software. Especially when you can at the same time turn the computer screen using OBS Studio just streamed live. However, in this article, let’s go together to explore the computer screen recording feature using this unique OBS Studio.

How to dial a computer screen using OBS Studio

Step 1: To record the computer screen with OBS Studio, all you need to have is OBS studio software on your computer. OBS here.

-> The next step you can refer to the instructions for installing OBS studio here, how install Open Broadcaster.

Step 2: After finishing OBS studio, open this software and everything can be set up right at the software interface.

screen recorder obs studio 2

Step 3: To record a game using OBS studio, right click on it black background > select Add > next Select Display Capture so OBS studio can choose the screen you are displaying.

screen recorder obs studio 3

A next window will appear, here we choose a name to give that Profile.

screen recorder obs studio 4

Step 4: There are not many options here besides choosing Capture Cursor as to record computer screen with OBS Studio with mouse or not. Also, if your computer has only one monitor, you don’t need to worry about Display.

screen recorder obs studio 5

Step 5: Before you start recording your computer screen with OBS Studio, you need to drag the display window to the full screen and then go to Settings.

screen recorder obs studio 6

Step 7: At your Settings Hotkeys option and install shortcut for Start Recording as Stop Recording to help us be more proactive when shooting computer screens with OBS Studio.

screen recorder obs studio 7

Step 8: After setup, everything you can click Start Recording to record your computer screen using OBS Studio or Use keyboard shortcuts while in the game we set up just now.

screen recorder obs studio 8

Step 9: To finish recording the computer screen with OBS Studio you can click Stop Recording or use keyboard shortcuts as this grout has set.

screen recorder obs studio 9

Step 10: Normally, after recording the game with OBS studio, the system will automatically save this file again, you can go to the drive C >User name >Videos to search for these videos. These videos will generally be available .FLV format.

screen recorder obs studio 10

Step 11: And open up, you will see all your playing when recording computer screen using OBS Studio in the above steps.

screen recorder obs studio 11

Above is how to record your computer screen using OBS Studio, with how to record your computer screen with OBS Studio, you have an additional option to record your computer screen instead of using professional software like today. . Just recording the screen can also live stream is convenient is not it.
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