Recording on computers, the best computer recording software

Recording on computers, the best computer recording software

To record the sound coming from your computer, there are many software available on the Internet today. Here would like to introduce to you some of the computer recording software that are currently best rated by users.

To record audio on a computer, there are many ways. You can use the software to record audio, either Recording on computers without software it is OK. However, using the software will help you to edit the newly created audio files.

High quality computer recording software and applications

1. AUdacity: Advantages: Free, compact, Record on a computer with Vietnamese interface, handle many necessary sounds.

2. Free Sound Recorder: Record high quality audio from computers and other devices such as CDs and cassettes. Free Sound Recorder It is also easy to use, output audio files in WAV, MP3, WMA format.

3. Audio Recorder Pro: Record computer audio with high quality, supports many audio formats but mainly MP3 WAV OGG. Download Audio Recorder Pro about computers.

4. Sound Archive Pro: Support recording on computer with high quality, automatically save the recording file to a new folder when the old folder runs out of space. However to use Sound Archive Pro In the long term, you need to pay after 30 times of using.

5. Adobe audition: Professional recording is used in the studio. Especially Adobe audition Support for editing and editing Video

Manual recording on the computer with Audacity software

Above we have introduced to you a number of software support recording on computer high quality. And using the AUdacity section to perform audio recording on the computer, this is the software according to Taimienphi which is the most appreciated utility in the 5 software above.

Step 1: Download computer software Audacity Then launch the program will have the interface as shown below.

To make a recording you just need to Click the button Record pink as shown below to start recording or from the Menu Transport choose Record (or choose the shortcut R).

write on the computer

Step 2: After recording you click the button Stop yellow on the toolbar

Step 3: You can listen to the recording just by using the button Play blue or button Pause to pause.

write on the computer

Step 4: To export that file, go to Menu File choose Export …

Step 5: Here you enter the File name into the box File Name, select the format (WAV, MP3 ….) and then Click “Save” to save the file.
In the framework of the article we have introduced and instructed you to record on your computer with specialized software and the best rated today. So you can record all the sounds emitted from the computer for learning as well as work needs. In addition, you can consult and use other computer recording software available in


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