Recover corrupted compressed data with WinRAR

Recover corrupted compressed data with WinRAR

Recovering or recovering corrupted zip file data with WinRAR is a way to help you save data in compressed files instead of having to or download new files to your computer. The following content will help you perform the recovery of data in compressed files with WinRAR software in the best way.

You downloaded a zipped file from the Internet, but it failed to extract, and you don’t know how to fix it. The following article will guide you how to recover data in compressed files damaged by WinRAR software.

How to fix a corrupted zip file in WinRAR

Download and install WinRAR

Step 1: After installing WinRAR, open the program in one of the following ways

Method 1: Click on the software icon on the Desktop (if during the installation process, you agreed to create a shortcut on the Desktop)

repaired state winrar

Method 2: Click here Start (bottom left corner of the screen). In the section Search Programs and files, Enter keywords Winrar Search results will be displayed right on the screen. Click on the search result “Winrar” to open the program.

– Win Xp: Use the software start command via the Run function according to the command “C: //programfiles/Winrar/Winrar.exe”

Fix the file to avoid it

Step 2: After opening the software interface, select the item Options and choose Repiar Archive. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt + R.

another file type should be corrupted

After selecting the feature Repiar Archive A new window will appear. This window, will ask you to set the output for the compressed file after being restored, you can click Browse to set up the archive file.

– After the setup is complete you press OK, got it to the next step

How to fix CRC

Step 3: After pressing OK, got it, the system switches to the stage of automatically correcting the compressed file.

in Winrar

After the error correction process is complete, press OK, got it to complete the error correction process.

fix CRC errors

This is a compressed file after being corrected by the data recovery feature.

in Winrar

Recovering data in corrupted compressed files will save you no more time. You will not have to waste time downloading files on the Internet. In addition, using this data recovery method will prevent you from having to install an additional third-party software. Hopefully after this article, you already know how to recover data simply and easily. In addition to the above feature, WinRar also has 7 other features that you may not know, refer to 7 cool features of WinRAR to supplement your knowledge offline
The process of using WinRAR is not always smooth, especially for Windows 10 users, errors 0x80010135 path too long When unpacking the Zip file is said to be the most common, if encountered, please refer to how fix error 0x80010135 path too long that we have instructed.


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