Recover corrupted Word 2016 files

To recover the most complete and complete Word 2016 file, the sooner you need to do it, the more effective it will be, especially when you apply one of the 4 simple Word 2016 file recovery tips that Taimienphi has. This guide will show you as soon as it detects a corrupted file.

In the process of working with Word 2016 editing software or newer versions such as Word 2019, 2016, 2010, … sometimes the screen appears the message: “Word experienced an error trying to open the file … “then my condolences. This means the Word file is corrupted and cannot be used anymore.

Recover corrupted Word 2016 files

However, if you apply some of the tips that Taimienphi shares right here, you can still quickly retrieve part or even the entire text of the error.

Instructions to recover corrupted Word 2016 files

Using the procedure to recover Word files when errors are just a temporary solution. In the long term, you need to find out the cause of the error is the head to find a fix. Ideally, you should update or install the latest version of the tool office utilities This, quick download link for Word 2016 will be shared soon by Taimienphi.
– Download Word 2016 32bit software here: Download Word 2016 32bit
– Download Word 2016 64bit software here: Download Word 2016 64bit
You can also refer to and download the latest Word 2019 installer with more intelligent utilities and more stable work.
– Download Word 2019 software here: Download Word 2019
Next, you choose one or perform the following ways to recover the corrupted Word 2016 file on your computer.

Method 1: Use the content recovery feature
By default, recent versions of Office come with built-in restoring content. However, whether or not this feature will work depends greatly on how you set the time to automatically save documents.
Step 1: Open the Word file Any as usual, then you choose File .

Word 2016 file opening error 2

Step 2 : Click on it Open In the function list, select Browser .

Word 2016 file opening error 3

Step 3 : In Open window , find the path to the directory where you saved the corrupted file. In the dialog box File display options , you change to the setting as Recover Text from Any File (*. *) . Then you choose Open .

Starting from 2016 Word file 4

Method 2: Exploit the automatic backup feature
In fact, this is another way to effectively exploit the feature Automatically save the text of Word software.
Step 1 : You also open Word and click File .
Step 2 : Press the button Open , and find the path to the directory where you saved the corrupted file.
Step 3 : Click on the dialog box File display options and change the settings to All Files . Find the file named “AutoRecovery save of, … “click and select Open .

Starting from 2016 Word file 5

Method 3: Use the file error correction feature
By doing this, you will force Word to forcefully open the corrupted file. Usually you will only be able to recover a part, but not the entire contents of the file.
Step 1: Similar to the above, you Open the Word software , then click File and choose Open .
Step 2: Friend choose a file need to open, then click arrow icon next to the button Open and choose Open and Repair .

Word 2016 file opening error 6

Method 4: Search in the Temp folder
If you can’t find any files in Word, try checking the Temp folder, which contains temporary operating system files.
Step 1: You open File Explorer On the computer and access the following link: C: Users ComputerName_Your AppData Local Temp.
For example:
C: Users Taimienphi AppData Local Temp

Word 2016 file opening error 7

Step 2: Here, you will find a lot of files with different formats, but now you just need to pay attention to the files TMP format or WBK with the name given in the following format:
wrdxxxx.tmp: Memo table of a regular Word file.
Temporary memo table of a Word file.
wraxxxx.tmp: Memo automatically recovering of a Word file.
xxxx.wbk: Complete backup file of a certain Word file.
Note: XXXX is the default number, automatically assigned to the file by the system, you do not need to care.
Step 3: You open it all Format files TMP or WBK to find the right Word file that contains what you need.
Recently, Taimienphi has described for you 4 ways to Recover corrupted Word 2016 files Quick and effective. In addition, you can also use this method to retrieve corrupted data files on other Office software such as Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Word file failed to open here.


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