Recover data with Active Partition Recovery

Recover data with Active Partition Recovery

Performing data recovery with Active Partition Recovery is one of the fastest ways to help you recover images, sounds, text files that were accidentally deleted during using the computer. Steps to recover data using Active Partition Recovery is conducted, please follow the content below.

There is a lot of data saved on computer hard drives like images, audio, word documents, excelHowever, just inadvertently, you accidentally delete this data, delete it from your computer’s trash, and at this moment, you immediately think of recovering that data by supporting software such as Active Partition Recovery or Recuva

Active Partition Recovery is one of the best data recovery support software on your computer, you can use Active Partition Recovery to retrieve deleted data at high speed.

Recover data with Active Partition Recovery

If the computer does not have, you proceed to download and install Active Partition Recovery here

Step 1: From the main interface of the program you click Quick Scan. The program will conduct a scan of the surface of your hard drive.

(Note: The program also has a deeper scanning function Super Scan, you only choose this option if you use it Quick Scan No results because of the function Super Scan Implementation takes a lot of time).

Activate Active Partition Recovery data

Step 2: After the disk surface scanning program is finished, check which data of the data has been lost and select that area and then restore by clicking the button. Recover, then the program will get you back what you lost.

(Note: You can pause the program if you find the lost data, do not need to wait until the end to conduct data recovery).

In the framework of the article we have shown you how to recover lost data using Active Partition Recovery software. Hopefully, with this little tip, you can find important lost data effectively.
In case you want to recover data on android like Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, HTC or Zenfone, users have to do, there are many ways to help you recover data on android such as using software on your computer after connecting. device with the computer or use the application, if you have not done it successfully, please contact us for answers.


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