Recover data with DataRecovery on the computer

Sometimes because you accidentally delete important data in your computer. And you’re struggling to figure out how to save your data. At that time think of DataRecovery. This is a fast and efficient data recovery software, which will recover the data you just deleted, with just a few mouse clicks.

Currently there are many software to support data recovery in the computer, one of the effective ones is Recuva. Users can Data recovery by Recuva With the speed of recovery and efficiency, data files such as images, audio, video … are okay recuva fast recovery. speed Data recovery by Recuva is what users love most

In addition, DataRecovery is also one of the good data recovery support software. In order to help you save the deleted data in the fastest way, and not take too much time to learn about DataRecovery software. In the following article, will guide you on how to recover data with DataRecovery.

Data recovery is an art, not only requires you to choose the right data recovery software but also have an understanding of the operation of the hard drive and the operating system, if you do not have much experience but still want to save Data please refer to our notes.

Guide to Recover Data with DataRecovery

To use data recovery software you need to download and install DataRecovery on the computer.
If you do not have the software, you can download and install the latest version of DataRecovery

To avoid the impact of data loss or unrecoverable, you should choose a partition containing a file different from the partition where the file was deleted, for example the data needs to be recovered drive D: then when retrieved should be stored in drive C or E, if it is important data you should use a new storage device such as USB, portable hard drive or another hard drive to store recovered data, thus ensuring safety for The data to be recovered just helps speed up the recovery process faster due to the independent reading and writing process on 2 different devices.

Step 1: You select the drive, Where the data you want to recover is optional Driver

Step 2: If you remember the file name or directory name, type it Scan Filter

Step 3: You click on Scan let the program scan the deleted folders

– The program is scanning the file

After the scan is completed, a list of deleted files will appear. A notification window appears asking if you want to scan deeply, scan more carefully? If your file does not appear, choose OK, got it let the program rescan the drive in more intensive mode

Turn on the deep scan mode, scan the scan time will be quite long, you wait hard

Step 4: After the program has scanned the file, there will be files in the list you select that file and click Recover.

A new window will appear asking you to choose where to save the file.

The program announces the restoration of that file
Above we have just guide you how to recover data with DataRecovery. Thus, you can easily recover lost data files on the computer, the recovery ability of the software is quite high. Currently there is a program to help you own the giveaway code Aidfile Recovery software copyright extremely effective data recovery, do not hesitate any more, please own the software right away. Copyright Aidfile RecoveryFree data recovery offline.


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