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Recover deleted data using Recuva on computers


Recuva is an effective data recovery software that can save all important data such as videos, images, important text files … that you accidentally deleted. If you do not know how to use Recuva data rescue software, please refer to the following article to follow the steps.

Recuva supports recovery Data is deleted, lost Your computer with all the current popular data including images, text files, videos, audio … will be recovered. However, when you accidentally delete data, you should immediately use the software restore Again, avoid continuing to back up on the drive so that the success rate will reach the highest level.

Currently there are many Software that supports data recovery Removed in computers, Recuva is one of the few software that has a high efficiency. In addition, you can also download Wondershare Data Recovery, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard, Wise Data Recovery, … to get back deleted and lost data files on your computer. In the measurement, Easesus Data Recovery Wizard recovers data that has been deleted from the computer, the program supports users to recover files such as audio, video, documents … quickly.

Besides, Wise Data Recovery is a freeware, similar to Recuva that also brings the speed of data recovery effectively. Moreover, Wise Data Recovery provides users with the ability to recover data files on the computer and also on external storage devices, USB, memory cards, cameras, music players, refer to how Data recovery using Wise Data Recovery to know how to use

Please note that the job of saving data requires not only selecting the right data recovery software but also having an understanding of the operation of the hard drive and the operating system, if you do not have much experience but still want to recover. Data recovery please refer to our notes.

Instructions to recover deleted data by Recuva

Download and install the latest version of recuva

Step 1: At the main interface of the program, click the button Next to continue (Figure below)

Recuva state data recovery

Step 2: You specify the data to be restored in the selections and then press the button Next to continue (Figure below)

Step 3: Select devices and then press the button Next to continue (Figure below).

Step 4: Press the button Begin to perform a data scan.

(The program will have 2 scan modes: Normal and Deep, Deeper. Deeper, deeper scan takes more time than Normal but more effective scan. You should perform the mode Regular scan first, if the results are not as expected, then you return to check the Enable deep scan, more carefully.)

Step 5: Depending on the amount of data, the scanning time is fast or slow. When the scan is complete, the program will list the deleted files shown in specific colors such as:

Green: Complete data recovery.

Red: Cannot recover deleted data

Yellow: The ability to recover deleted data is low.

Then you select the files to be restored and click the button Rehibilitate Below, the program will get you back the necessary data. (Picture below).

Alternatively, you can press the button Switch to high power mode at the top to customize in many different modes. (Some pictures below).

Data scanning mode: Scan the file and Scan content …

Mode “Scan content …”Search data by extension like * .doc, * .docx, * .htm… ..

Set by file type such as image file, music file, document file …. So that the search will get the best results.

And some other options like:

Generic Card Lets you choose your language, display style …

Action Card Provides data search options.

Info Card provide program information such as version, manufacturer …

From there, you offer the best option to recover deleted data.

To avoid the impact of data loss or unrecoverable, you should choose a partition containing a file different from the partition where the file was deleted, for example data to be recovered drive D: then when you get back should save in drive C or E, if it is important data, you should use a new storage device such as: USB, mobile hard drive or another hard drive to store recovered data, thus ensuring safety for data to be recovered. Recovery helps speed the recovery process faster due to the independent reading and writing process on 2 different devices. This note applies to all data recovery software.

Tips Why use additional storage devices to store recovered files?

The data that you can use the software to retrieve is because the OS only “marks” it as erased on the hard drive but has not yet completely removed it at the physical level so that the recovery software will search for these files. and allow the user to restore it, but if during the recovery process the files that need to be restored (assuming file A) are overwritten on the disk space containing the other files that need to be restored (assuming the file B) (The operating system understands the areas marked with deletion that can write files), if this happens then after the software recovers the file A it finds the file B location for recovery but is actually at this location. Now file A has recovered, so File B will be permanently lost. So as mentioned, to be safe, use a new storage device to store the files to be recovered.
In addition, you can Data recovery using DataRecovery on your computer to retrieve data that has been accidentally deleted or deleted while using the computer.



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