Recover deleted partitions on Windows

Recover deleted partitions on Windows

On a clear day, suddenly you discover that your important files or folders stored on your computer suddenly disappear. Often the cause of the error is mainly due to the user. Maybe they accidentally moved or renamed these files and folders without remembering. However sometimes the problem may be more serious, maybe the partition where you store the deleted files and folders. The following article will guide you on how to recover deleted partitions on Windows.

Deleting the partition means that the files and folders are also deleted and cannot be accessed by the user. You can use the best free data recovery software to find your data, but hungry with the partition deleted, formatted, the probability of data retrieval is quite low. So how to recover deleted partitions on Windows? Readers refer to the article below of

What causes the lost partition?

There are 3 main causes of lost partition errors:

1. Often the most common cause is malware that attacks a user’s computer. As viruses become increasingly cunning, they can target parts of the operating system that were previously ignored. The typical example is the Rombertik virus attack in 2015. Rombertik attacks the Master Boot Record (MBR) and if successful, it will overwrite partition data with empty bytes.

2. The second cause is due to corrupted data. If the operating system or file system fails, the hard drive may not function properly. This leads to unreachable partition.

3. The last cause may be due to hard drive management error. You may be mistaken when you resize a partition, damage a partition, or may have deleted the partition without even knowing it.

How to recover deleted partitions on Windows

If you feel qualified and experienced, follow the steps below to recover deleted partitions on Windows:

Use TestDisk

You can search Google for a lot of free partition recovery tools. However TestDisk It will be the perfect choice to recover partition.

TestDisk is designed to recover lost partitions, but you can use the application to rebuild the boot sector, repair the file allocation table (FAT), and create boot backups. NTFS and fix partition table error.

Open source applications are free to download. Then extract the downloaded file to get the installation file.

Download TeskDisk to your computer and install it here: Download TestDisk

Step 1: Launch TestDisk on your device.
Step 2: Choose Create a new log file.
Step 3: Select the hard drive from the list.
Step 4: Set the type of your hard drive partition table.
Step 5: Choose Analyze.
Step 6: Choose Quick Search.
Step 7: Mark a damaged or lost partition.
Step 8: Press A.
Step 9: Choose Done.

Refer to the steps in detail below.

Use TestDisk to recover lost partitions

Run the file testdisk_win.exe. The application will launch on the DOS window. You should see the screen shown as below:

Use the arrow keys, select Create a new log file then press Enter. On the next screen allows you to select the hard drive. If you are running a personal computer, you will see a listed hard drive, and TestDesk also detects other external hard drives such as a CD or USB drive. Select the drive with the lost partition and press Enter.

Remove part 2 on Windows 2

On the 3rd screen window, select the type of partition table your computer is using. If you’re running an application on Windows, choose Intel (although it is possible to choose GPT).

Remove part of the skin on Windows 3

On the last screen, select Analyze and press Enter. TestDisk will start scanning the drives and partitions you have selected. If the drive is too large, this process can take several minutes.

Finally on the screen will display 1 list. If the partition you are looking for is not listed here, select Quick Search at the bottom of the screen, then press Enter. The option will search and list the corrupted or deleted partitions.

Remove phat hing on windows 4

To recover a failed partition, select the row containing the partition in the list of results and then press A. To complete the process, select Done on the last window screen.

Remove phat hing on windows 5

Use TestDisk to recover deleted files

You can also use TeskDisk to recover files. Follow the same steps above, to the 4th window, you choose Advanced instead of choosing Analyze.

Select TeskDisk to complete the scan. Once completed, the screen will display a list of file names. To recover files, click C on the keyboard.

Remove phat hing on windows 6

To complete the process of recovering a deleted file, choose the location where you want to save the file.

Note: If you have difficulty recovering deleted partitions on Windows, try searching for instructions on the instruction page of TeskDisk.

Other software

TestDisk is not the only application that allows recovering lost partitions on Windows. In addition to TestDisk there are many other applications that allow to recover deleted partitions on Windows.

If you’re looking for an alternative, try using Active @ Partition Recovery and the EaseUS Partition Recovery Wizard.

Active @ Partition Recovery: The application works in DOS, Windows, WinPE and Linux environments. The Quick Scan feature can find recently deleted partitions, and the SuperScan function can detect much older partitions. The application can even retrieve data from the format and overwrite the partition.

Download Active @ Partition Recovery to your device and install it here: Download Active Partition Recovery

Reference way Recover data with Active Partition Recovery here

– EaseUS Partition Recovery Wizard: The free EaseUS application works with FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS +, HFSX, Ext2 and Ext3 partitions on Windows operating systems. The application allows you to recover deleted and lost partitions, return intact data. In addition, Easeus also offers the Pro version for $ 69.95, can work with external hard drives, NAS drives and non-personal storage devices.

Download EaseUS Partition Recovery Wizard to your computer and install it here: Download EaseUS Partition Recovery Wizard

Follow the instructions above of to recover deleted partitions on Windows. Restore partitions as well as data as soon as possible.

To save data on your computer, there are many different ways, but in case of difficult data, you cannot use simple software to get back, there are many reputable data rescue centers that you have. They can find out and put their faith in it, most of which are in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City today.
Which of the three applications have you used to recover deleted Windows partitions on Windows? Or do you know any other application to recover deleted Windows partitions on Windows? Share your opinions for offline.


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