Recover iPhone password, recover iPhone password with iTunes

There are many ways to help users break the iPhone password when they forget the password and one of the simplest is to retrieve the iPhone password with iTunes. So if you do not know this way, please follow along with the steps below of!

In this article we will show you how to recover iPhone 6, 5s, 4 password, recover iPhone password using iTunes. The process of implementation is also very simple, you need to refer to the steps below to know how to do it.

How to recover a lost iPhone password using iTunes

Recover iPhone password, recover iPhone password with iTunes

Step 1: First you open up iTunes. If not, download it iTunes
Refer How to install iTunes has provided for quick and accurate installation
Step 2: Click on the account icon, then select Forgot.

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Step 3: Here you enter your Apple email and then click tiếp tục.

Unlock iPhone using iTunes

Step 4: The notification panel will display. The system requires you to access to reset the password.

re-unlock it from iphone itunes

Step 5: Enter your Apple email again and then click next.

reset iPhone password, restore iPhone password with iTunes, reset iPhone password from iTunes

Step 6: Choose the authentication method.

Email authentication: Authenticate passwords via email Answer security questions: Get password through secret question

Assuming here I choose Email, the message will display as below.

Step 7: Finally enter the email to confirm.

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Usually, if you forget your password, you’ll have to visit Apple’s website to find it again. However, if you do not know the address, you can refer to how to retrieve your iPhone password using iTunes.

With way change iPhone password will also help you to change your password easily, you will easily remember the password with your familiar numbers.
So just introduced to you how to retrieve iPhone password, recover iPhone password using iTunes. In essence, the function on iTunes is only illustrative before linking to the Apple website. Besides please refer What should i do if i forgot my iCloud password? Please refer to for more details.


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