Recover lost data with Pandora Recovery

There are many causes of data loss on computers and you are thinking about how to save computer data. Do not worry about anything with Pandora Recovery software, you can get back all the lost data without spending a dime. The following article will guide you on how to retrieve your computer data with Pandora Recovery.

Pandora Recovery is a powerful data finder and scan tool to recover permanently deleted files. Allows recover files removed from the Recycle Bin, deleted from hard drives, storage devices, as well as deleted directly with Shift + Delete key or deleted from DOS. It is capable of scanning disk assemblies, selecting files reused by the operating system, damaged or recreated, etc.

Instructions to recover data with Pandora Recovery

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer. You can download the latest version of Pandora Recovery here

– The installation steps take place normally like other software.

Step 2: Recover lost data

– Launch the software with an interface like the image below.

Recover data from pandora recovery computer

– The left pane shows the drive or forder, then we select the drive that has lost that file

How to recover data from Pandora Recovery PC

– Wait a bit for the process of finding and listing the data to be displayed.

How to recover data from Pandora Recovery using data

– From this table, select the lost data you want to recover -> click the box icon as shown below

Recover data from pandora recovery computer

– A menu to select where to store the data is displayed -> you click Browre to choose where to save data after recovery.

How to recover data from Pandora Recovery PC

– Choose Yes to confirm operation again want to get back data.

Guide to install data using Pandora Recovery

– The notice board details the successful data recovery process. Click Close to finish.

How to install data recovery using Pandora Recovery

Follow the steps above, you can easily recover lost data with Pandora Recovery, With its powerful data recovery ability, the software can recover any deleted data effectively.
There are many possible causes for your important data to be lost. You are having a headache because you have not found a way to recover them. Let Pandora Recovery help you recover any lost data on your computer with lightning speed.


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