Recover, retrieve password with Password Cracker

Password Cracker is a utility software that helps you retrieve the passwords (Password) of files stored in your computer and also helps you to recover the passwords of your accounts used to log in. Visit the Website or forum on your computer.

In the process of using and manipulating data, it is inevitable to lose the password of the file, the password to access the Web site, … So how to retrieve the password? Come to Password Cracker software, you are completely assured by the utility that helps you find your password quickly.

Recover passwords with Password Cracker

After downloading to the computer, and launch the program will have the following interface: (If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of Password Cracker)

Step 1: To retrieve a lost password, just click Select Enabled.

Password Password Recovery Cracker

Step 2: Then you move the mouse to the location where the password is placed, the program will automatically display the password in the box View.
Thus, the article above has guided you how to recover passwords using Password Cracker software, in addition, you can refer to and use the software. Password Spectator or other utilities under “Related Soft”


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