Recover WinRAR password with WinRAR Password Cracker

Recover WinRAR password with WinRAR Password Cracker

When you download a Winrar file from the Internet but do not have a password to open it or you do not remember the password of the Winrar file you created yourself. To solve this problem, would like to introduce you to the solution that is WinRAR Password Cracker.

WinRAR Password Cracker helps you to find the password protected RAR / WinRAR archives that you have forgotten over time. Moreover the software offers many powerful and effective password recovery options.

How to find the WinRar Pass with WinRAR Password Cracker

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The interface of the program is simple, easy to use. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the button Open File on the screen to open the WinRar file to recover.

The WinRar file is booted using the WinRAR Password Cracker

Step 2: Next press the button Start for the program to conduct password recovery.

You can also use the methods of the program in the section Recovery Method, or in Recovery Settings …

– Auto: The program automatically selects the types of matches to search for passwords.

– Brute-force: The common option, by combining all possible characters to find the password, however this option will take a long time, especially for passwords of high length and difficulty.

– Dictionary: The program will combine from the files in the dictionary to try the password until the end. This option matches passwords that are phrase or single-word.

Thus, the article on has instructed you how to find the WinRAR Pass with WinRAR Password Cracker, also if you don’t like, you can refer and use the password recovery utility in the “Soft link” Quan “above.
In case you want Remove WinRAR password when knowing password, you can refer to the article of to practice offline.


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