MV Sao Do Truong Tao 2 continues to be released by Tran Hieu Trung and Dao Nguyen Anh, promising to create a new wave in the audience. Certainly, the lyrics of Sao Sao Truong Tao 2 is also humorous and adorable as compared to the previous song Sao Do Truong Tao 1.

Red Star Truong Tao 1 is a composition of Hong Nhan Parody, also Sao Sao Truong Tao 2 is the music of the current hot song. In this part 2, Anh became the famous red star in the school, starting the jealousy between Anh and Trung. Let’s watch the video to know how the competition progresses and have fun entertainment.

Video Sao Do Truong Tao 2

Sao Do Truong Tao 2 lyrics, lyrics

Hey, those 2 are late
The drum beat just hit, slowly a few minutes sad
Duy and Nam fight
Punched almost broke his head
Then there is no lie
Go up to see the teacher
Oh that young man cleverly torn his pants
Do not jump down
Not a broken face
Did you spot me?
Please read your full name!
Manh Hong 10A
Oh oh
Now quite compliment, Anh knew
Seriously focused work
Better than before
Progress day by day
So today pay tribute
Light in front of all red stars
Oh The certificate is super loud
With huge gifts!
It dares to “usurpation” me
Now all the teachers
Love it more than me
Now we have to restore order
Catching up does not spare anyone
Then the teacher will have to
Looking at me back then, it was “majestic”
The other you minus the lipstick
Son wind that banned it
Plus criminal argument, must subtract
Singing in the classroom
Hide snacks, eat gifts
Another “blink”
Enter your name
“Pee” is not funny, what’s wrong “is it” (eh)
Finished going to class, too “time” more than a second
What about these 2 men
Don’t argue
Penalty beating
Causing pain!
Brother Anh help me
Trung is our enemy
Finished recording name
Remember all the “dumb” things
Please help me right away
Parents must be invited soon
Okay, no problem
Leave it to me!
I think it was Trung
It annoyed the previous day
So he wants to play your brother
To jerk the captain on hand
If it catches right then
But we are not guilty
It was only deliberately
My goodness, the front gate is locked
Please help us
You go back
He opened the door quickly
Hey, it’s big
How dare to open the tailgate
You are going to cover up
It’s late!
So disappointed in him
I trusted Anh Anh too much
Entrust you as captain
Myth that Anh will pay back
I didn’t mean to do it wrong
I just hope you think again
Now I must deprive Anh from tomorrow
Angry for big brother
Because of yesterday
For now I have to plague losing his position
It is also normal
Don’t be sad
Because of you, I should accept it
From the morning more than a dozen irises
Just registered
I am so exemplary
Just look, it was cool!
My girlfriend clothes
You tattered tattered
The school has banned it, I only write your name!
Exasperated, the Chinese dare dare tease her here
I think having a name is good
Make me straight
Because it’s sorrowful from the past
There are people who like it
Must handle this guy know yet?
Just heard the news just now
We have to keep it private
Just say it, honey
Let me try to calculate
In the afternoon, maybe Chinese dog was wild
It is being “wanted”.
Mai Tres, besieged the four directions!
Probably not missed!
The other flag stops the car
Are you Trung be?
Thought you were great
Now not stop anymore nè?
Then I just follow
Teacher assignment
So you don’t know that we have sinned
I have to hurry up
Keo Trung “leaves”
We are rocky
Since notorious old!
Hey guys, go to “and”
In order for Trung to be smart
Let this guy know, don’t look down on us
These others stopped, Anh was here
Oh, my “crush”
Is it really here?
This Chinese Trung, a little lie
The best is for me
Handle it, you guys get out
Hey Anh, before me and you
We misunderstood
Anh Anh did not come here
Shut up, shut up now
Now it’s time for me to retaliate
All the old stories
And Trung, remember to be tomorrow, don’t be too loud
Oh, it turns out you saved me from here
You have ignored the old story
Between me and you
And I had faults before
Hey, bro
Just pray, don’t blame it
The “previous part” I remember is you
Save me once
Of course I repay
Saving you is common sense
The story we previously ignored
Shake hands from here

School Star 2 – Walking Dead Parody
Although it is not entertaining and funny, the song “Nguoi Am Phu” is enjoyed by listeners. The lyrics of Hades people are good, the melody is sweet, love is so the Hades of Hell has captured the hearts of many listeners, especially girls.


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