Reduce image sizes with the Radical Image Optimize Tool (RIOT)

Reduce image sizes with the Radical Image Optimize Tool (RIOT)

Radical Image Optimize Tool (Riot) is a software that helps you edit, process, optimize image sizes in the best way to be easily shared on websites, emails … Reduce image size with Riot not only The image is optimized and the image quality after resizing is almost equivalent to the original file.

RIOT can compress to reduce the size of the image while preserving image quality and adjusting many components of the image. The following article of will guide you how to reduce the image size with Radical Image Optimize Tool (RIOT), and follow along.

Instructions to reduce the image size with RIOT

Step 1: Download and install the software:

– You can download the latest version of the Radical Image Optimize Tool (RIOT) here

– Setting: Quite simply, you follow the instructions

Step 2: Choose File from the menu -> select Open Then select the photos to adjust capacity

Step 3: On the interface has adjustable value Quality: Drag left or right to adjust the amount of image you want (Or use Compress to Size: Enter the specific amount you want to reduce and then press OK), the result will be displayed right on the screen.

– You can rotate photos in different directions, zoom in and out, select the tail of the image you want to save as JPEG, PNG good GIF by clicking the icons under the interface toolbar

– In the column Metadata: Information about the original image such as date, type of camera…. uncheck the options and then click OK, got it.

– Column Image Adjustment include options:

+ Contrast (contrast)

+ Brightness ( Brightness)

+ Gamma (Color edition)…

Step 4: Press the button Save from the software menu to save the result. By default, the image file after editing will be overwritten on the original image file, a dialog box will appear asking if you want to overwrite the original file. Press Yes to overwrite or press No, and then choose a location to save the new file name or leave the old name of the image.
Radical Image Optimize Tool (RIOT) is an effective and indispensable tool to optimize the image size in the best way, especially the software is easy to use only with operations not too difficult as above. Also you can consult and use the image resizing software available in


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