Reduce PDF file sizes with Nice PDF Compressor fast and simple

The large PDF files make it difficult to store them or share them with friends online. And Nice PDF Compressor is the great solution for you now.

Using Nice PDF Compressor, PDF files will be greatly reduced, this makes the process of using, storing and sharing them easier. The following article, will guide you how to reduce the size of PDF files with Nice PDF Compressor, and follow along.

Instructions to reduce the size of the PDF file with Nice PDF Compressor

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer. You can download the latest version of Nice PDF Compressor here.

Step 2: First Open Nice PDF Compressor by clicking the utility’s icon off the desktop

The program interface allows you to select a file * PDF or Foder containing the PDF file you just link to the file or file containing the PDF file.

– Choose Single PDF file If you want to reduce the size of a PDF file.

Use the pdf file

– Choose A Foder of PDF files If you want to reduce the size of multiple PDF files at a time. After setup, select next.

Step 3: The next dialog box appears that you can choose Check Now to check if the PDF file is locked with a password …

Step 4: Next you choose the compression algorithm you want to apply Flate or Runlength compression level Extreme or Ultra Extreme, depending on the purpose of use, you choose the compression level accordingly. Then press the button again next.

In this dialog box button Browse to select the folder containing the file after compressing when you have selected the file, then press next.

You wait a few seconds for the compression process to complete, so you can continue to select and compress other files. Timeout, you choose next for the program to start working.

Step 5: Next, the program interface shows the program that is under compression. Here the execution time will be proportional to the input size of the heavy PDF file which is time-consuming and vice versa.

Once done, the program will tell you how much the compression ratio has dropped to how much the file size has decreased compared to the original.

Nice PDF Compressor can compress multiple PDF files quickly at high speed.

Tips for you if you use the free version, you should choose to optimize the reduction of multiple PDF files at once to avoid having to wait time, each time you optimize, you will have to wait twice the next time. For example, the first time optimizing a PDF file is 30s, the next time it will be 60s.

Using a PDF file reduction tool like Nice PDF Compressor does not deform your PDF file, that is, you still use PDF readers like Foxit Reader to read these files as usual.
On Windows 10 with the File History feature, this is a feature to store the usage history of the computer, users can reduce the File History size on Windows 10 to save hard drive space.


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