Reduce PDF size, compress PDF files with Free PDF Compressor

Reduce PDF size, compress PDF files with Free PDF Compressor

Reduce PDF size, compress PDF files with Free PDF Compressor on your computer to save space for storage devices as well as speed up when sharing on the internet. After you’ve successfully downloaded and installed Free PDF Compressor, refer to the article below to know how to use Free PDF Compressor.

Free PDF Compressor is a useful tool to help you compress PDF files most effectively, compressed PDF files are about 40% to 60% smaller than the original file, but the quality is not reduced at all. Using this utility helps you save hard drive memory, compress multiple PDF files at the same time quickly with high speed.

Reduce PDF file size with Free PDF Compressor

Step 1: Open Free PDF Compressor by clicking the utility’s icon off the Desktop (if your computer does not have the installer, you can download the latest version of Free PDF Compressor ).

Refer How to install Free PDF Compressor if not setup successfully.

Or search in Start Menu by typing the keyword Free PDF Compressor in the section Search Programs and File.

Step 2: On the interface of Free PDF Compressor.

– In the section PDF File, click Browser to select the PDF file to be compressed.
– Section Output Files, click Save As to select the folder containing the output PDF file.

Section Settings, select PDF compression mode includes 5 main options

Screen: Select this function to upload PDF files over the Internet if you want to attach files to Email to someone. Although this mode does not reduce the quality of the file, the print quality will be significantly reduced.
eBook: Suitable for printing PDF files, output compression files of reasonable quality and size, the resolution for this option is 150 dpi.
Printing: Suitable for printing, output compressed files with 300 dpi resolution.
Prepress: Suitable for large volume printing, maintaining 100% quality of PDF files.
Default: Suitable for large sized PDFs, good output quality and PDF files that can be used for a variety of purposes.

After selecting the appropriate settings, Click Compress to start the compression process

use pdf file free pdf compressor

Free PDF Compressor is one of the effective PDF file reduction solutions

Repeat the operation if you want to compress multiple PDF files of different sizes. Use Free PDF Compressor to compress PDF files quickly.

So we have more ways to reduce the size of PDF files by Free PDF Compressor, one of the very effective free software. Reducing the size of PDF files will help you easily send and share to everyone quickly. Free PDF Compressor software deserves to be one of the things that must be installed on your computer.


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