Reduce the file size with Image Optimizer

Reduce the file size with Image Optimizer

You want to store lots of pictures on your phone or on your computer, you want to download images at a faster rate, and reducing the amount of image is really necessary for you, image size reduction software Image Optimizer

You want to compress the size of your photos to reduce the size but keep the quality, you want to reduce the image size to tail images as you like, to download images lighter speed and to store more, Image Optimizer does the thing. there

Install Image Optimizer software

Step 1: First, download and install the Image Optimizer software

Interface when the installation is complete

Luong Luong him

Step 2: Click OK, got it to use the program

Then the program interface for you to do the job will appear

Step 3:

To reduce the size or compress an image, you choose File -> Open

Open: Open the image file to reduce the size. On the side there will be the Compress Image dialog box for you to edit

Image Optimized

When choosing the image file to be converted, you can change the image such as JPG, PNG, GIF, ….. In this photo, you notice the image size has changed from 209,153 Bytes to 30,673 but the image quality remains unchanged

After choosing the image style as well as the quality you like then Saves As is done

The task of reducing the size of an image with Image Optimizer is not too difficult. Also you can refer to Top 5 software to reduce the size, image size to get yourself the best software


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