Register email, create email accounts to receive and receive mail on computers and laptops

There are 2 common ways to help you register your email or create your own email account: create a Gmail or Hotmail account, own these email boxes, we can use Google or Microsoft services and important More important than helping in exchanging and receiving letters from partners, relatives, friends …

Email is the abbreviation of Electronic Mail or we still call it email. Previously if we wanted to send a letter to someone, we had to Write a letter on paper, put in an envelope, and take it to the post office. Meanwhile, the recipient must also wait a few days to see the content inside. The process is cumbersome and time consuming. Therefore, Email is almost a perfect replacement for handheld mail.

Register email, create email accounts on computers and laptops

It is not just about exchanging information between individuals or organizations. Email has now evolved a lot further. For example you can use email as an advertising marketing tool, activate game accounts, websites, social networks, etc.

Table of Contents:
1. Note when creating email accounts.
2. How to create a Gmail account.
3. How to create a Hotmail account.

1. Note when registering email or setting up mail accounts?

⦁ First, consider the name you will use. Do you use this email for personal or business use? Should choose for themselves the most professional email name.
⦁ Next is the email domain that you will use. Currently there are 3 largest email services that are Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can make the choice that is right for you.
⦁ Of course your password is, of course. Keep the password difficult enough to dislodge amateur hackers. As usual, recommends using passwords that contain all uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

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2. How to create a Gmail account

Of the three email services mentioned above, Gmail is the most commonly used, most feature-rich, and popular user service. If you are a first-time user of Gmail, please refer to the article below to know how to sign up for Gmail, set up Gmail in the simplest way even if you do not know much about computers.

Step 1: Access to the address to conduct Gmail registration, set up personal email here.

register email, I download email

Step 2: Here, you enter information into the fields that Gmail requires including the following information:

Name (First Name): Include your First (Last) and Last (Last).
Choose your username (Choose your username): Enter the Gmail account name you want to create. (Enter the new unused user name will be accepted, if the name is already on the system, Gmail will immediately notify you).
Create a password: Create a password for your gmail account.
Confirm your password: Confirm the password you just entered above (requires this password to match the password in the Create a password section).
Birthday (Birthday): Enter the exact date of birth, if by the time you create Gmail you are under 13, you will not be able to set up Gmail. So pay attention to this part.
Gender (Gender): Select your gender.
Mobile phone (Mobile phone): Enter your phone number, purpose to activate using Gmail. If you don’t enter a phone number or a phone number that has been used too many times, you cannot create Gmail.
Your current email address (Your current email address): Enter your current email address (complete or not). Linking your old email account and the upcoming Gmail account will help you recover your password easily when you forget or lose it.
Location (Location): The country you are currently living in.

After you complete the information that Gmail requires, click the button Click Next Step (Next step) to continue.

Step 3: After clicking Click Next Step (Next step), the security dialog box and the terms appear, you scroll down to the bottom and select I Agree (I agree).

register email, I download email

Step 4: Next, will be notified that you have registered an email successfully, click Continue to Gmail (Continue to Gmail) to go to the next step.

register email, I download email

Step 5: Opening will be greetings and basic instructions for books using Gmail. You press next (Continue) to view instructions or press the “x“right corner of the dialog box to turn it off.

register email, I download email

So the process of creating Gmail email has been successful, along with the email user interface is quite simple, from now on you have a personal Gmail account.

3. How to create a Hotmail account

Hotmail is Microsoft’s email service, now it has been renamed to Outlook. Admittedly, Hotmail’s ability to block spam is very good, in addition to the interface is quite user friendly. This is also considered the perfect start for new email subscribers.

Step 1: Open any web browser on your computer and click come in to start setting up Hotmail email. (Here Taimienphi uses the Chrome browser).

Step 2: Fill out your information in the new Hotmail registration fields including the following information:

register email, I download email

Name: Your name First name (Name), Last name (Surname).
User name: The Hotmail name you want to create.
Create password: Create a password (at least 8 characters are case sensitive).
Reenter password: Re-enter the password you just created.

register email, I download email

Country / region: Name of the country you live in.
Birthdate: Date of birth.
Gender: Select your gender.

register email, I download email

Country code: Country code, you choose Vietnam (+84)
Phone number: Enter the mobile phone you are using, and remember to remove the first 0.
Alternate email address: If you have an email account, enter it here. When you forget or lose your password, you can retrieve it via this email.
Enter the correct and full words displayed on the screen, if not clear you can click new To get a new code or click Audio to listen and read that code.
Finally, after entering all the above information you choose Create account.

register email, I download email

Step 3: Creating a successful Hotmail email account, microsoft will redirect you to a welcome page. To start receiving and sending mail, all you need to do is go to, press the arrow button to go to the introductions, and finally the end you press Let’s get started to enter Hotmail’s main interface.

register email, I download email

In some cases when you create a new email, microsoft will require verification via phone number, then microsoft will send you a message with a 4-digit verification code. When you receive the confirmation code, simply enter the 4 numbers into the required field and press Create account (Create an account) is done.

So, this is the whole way to create emails, register emails, set up mail accounts that Taimienphu would like to introduce to you through the two main email gateways and are used quite a lot today, Gmail and Hotmail. With this guide, you can easily get yourself a personal email account used for different purposes in contacting with friends, work or for registering a Facebook account on a social network. The largest virtual assembly today. Also, if you are more interested in this subject, please refer to the way email security shared by us in the previous article. Good luck.


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