ReiBoot - Tool to restore iPhone, iPad quickly.

ReiBoot – Tool to restore iPhone, iPad quickly.

With ReiBoot you can reboot iPhone and iPad easily and quickly when the device is in Recovery Mode (common when upgrading to iOS 7, even using iTunes will not work if the key is Home is broken) or you can recover and restore data for iOS devices. Let learn about this utility software through the following article:

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While upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7, you either encounter a system hang error on the Apple logo screen, or a black screen error that keeps restarting … Then with ReiBoot you have You can easily restore your device quickly. The following article will guide you to use this utility software, for your reference.

ReiBoot – Tool to restore iPhone, iPad quickly.

Step 1: Download: ReiBoot

Step 2: Install, follow the instructions below:

Step 3: After successful installation, proceed to connect your iPhone and iPad to your computer and launch ReiBoot, it will have the interface as shown below.

At this point, the job is much simpler, with only two options:

– Enter Recovery Mode: When your device has broken the Home key, clicking here will help you to recover and rescue your iOS devices.
– Exit Recovery Mode: When your iOS device hangs on the Apple logo screen, clicking here will help you exit Recovery Mode quickly.

And so you can easily restore your iPhone and iPad devices quickly and without losing data during the upgrade of the operating system to the new version.


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