Remove a PDF password with Smallpdf online

Remove a PDF password with Smallpdf online

You set a password for the PDF file, but it gets annoying every time you open it. The simplest way to remove a PDF password is to use SmallPDF, read this article to Uninstall a PDF password using SmallPDF online.

Typically, you use Foxit Reader to edit and set a password for a PDF file. However, when you want to remove the password on the PDF file Foxit Reader You don’t know what to do.

Uninstall PDF passwords online

To create a PDF file password, you can also use Office 2013 to edit and set a PDF password quite simply. But if you want to remove the password, you must install other supporting software. will send you how to remove online PDF password with Smallpdf which is commonly used today.

Related software:

– Download Google Chrome: Download Chrome

Step 1: Use Google Chrome or CocCoc or other browsers to get to the homepage of Smallpdf
Step 2: Select Security => Unlock PDF.

Step 3: Select the file to break

If the PDF is from the computer. Click Drop PDF here.
If the file is from Dropbox or Google Drive, click on the arrow 2.

go to pdf page online

Step 4: Select the PDF file. Click Open.

Phase pass pdf truc tuyen

Step 5: Check the Accept checkbox, then click Unlock PDF file.

go to the pdf reader without requiring a mem

Step 6: Immediately, your password has been deleted. Click Download file now to download the unlocked PDF file to your computer.

go to pdf format

Step 7: Open the complete PDF file.

go to pdf online

With this way of opening PDF files with Smallpdf, you don’t have to hassle installing third-party software like Decrypt PDF anymore. Whatever that way remove password PDF with Decrypt PDF is also very good and does not take much installation but if possible use Smallpdf.


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