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Remove ads in the game Flappy Bird on iOS and Android


Flappy Bird is a very popular game right now, but its ads while playing may make you feel uncomfortable. So is there a way to remove these ads?

As mentioned, with ads on the top and bottom of the game that can make you feel uncomfortable, clicking mistakenly redirects to the website. So why don’t we turn off these ads. Very simple, please refer to the following article to know how to do it.


The play Flappy Bird Need you to be very high and careful. The appearance of ads can be distracting, these ads also charge like surfing the web every time you come into play and you do not ask why you were wrongly charged.

In fact, you can not remove all the ads unless you remove the whole game. But to remedy this situation, turn off the ads when you play. Before playing Flappy Bird for Android Please turn on the function Airplane Mode (airplane mode) before you start playing games. This solution works with almost all devices Android and IOS.

How to set up airplane mode:

Because these ads need a connection Internet so when we activate the function AirPlane (airplane mode) your phone will automatically disconnect from the internet and the ads will disappear.

Before activating the AirPlane function, the ad is displayed at the top as shown below.

Enabled airplane mode for iOS and Android phones, ads are gone
This way you can focus on playing the game better without worrying about being distracted by ads. Removing ads in the game Flappy Bird is simple, right? Hopefully this little trick will help you.



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