Remove audio from video with VLC

The procedure to remove video audio with VLC is relatively simple, any new user can easily do it, this is also a convenient and great alternative to professional but complex video editing software. sundry and heavy.

To delete audio in a clip, you have a lot of tools to choose from like Proshow Gold, Camtasia Studio, SONY Vegas, … These are all professional video editing software, fully equipped with features to help you get a perfect work just the way you want.

How to delete video audio with VLC

However, these software have a lot in common and are a lot of complicated tools, difficult to get acquainted with new users. With the simple need to remove audio from video, Taimienphi will guide you more simply, that is delete audio from video with VLC.

Instructions for Removing audio from video with VLC

The first thing you need to prepare is to install the software VLC Media Player on the device, the quick download link will be shared immediately below Taimienphi.
– Download VLC software for Windows here: Download VLC
– Download VLC software for Mac here: Download VLC for Mac
After installing, updating the VLC software on your computer, you view and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the software VLC on computer.
Step 2: On the menu bar of VLC, choose Media , then click Convert / Save . More simply, you can press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R .

delete sound from video bang vlc 2

Step 3: In the window Open Media Just opened, click the button Add , then select the path to the folder containing the videos to edit. Or you can drag and drop videos directly into the window. Finally you hit Convert / Save.

remove sound from video clip vlc 3

Step 4: The system will now take you to the window Convert, here you select the video format you want in the section Profile . Then click on the icon Wrench located next to the check box.

remove sound from video clip vlc 4

Step 5: Window Profile edition appear. In the card Encapsulation , you’ll choose MP4 / MOV.

delete sound from video bang vlc 8

In the card Video codec , you choose Keep original video track .

delete sound from video bang vlc 9

In the card Audio codec , you deselect Audio .

delete sound from video bang vlc 10

After making all selections as instructed. You press Save .
Step 6: You will now be taken back to the window Convert . Just now press the button Browse in the section Destination and choose the directory to save the file to.
Press Start for VLC to start removing audio from videos.

delete sound from video bang vlc 8

You will need to wait a while for the program to work, the waiting time will depend on the size of the video you want to edit. Once completed, visit the directory containing the file to review the results.
Thus, Taimienphi has completed instructions for you step by step removing audio from video with VLC. With this little tip, you can completely edit your video as you want without using complex, professional software. In addition, you refer to more ways Set VLC to automatically resize vertical video playback here.


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