Remove freckles on face thanks to Photoshop

Removing acne, freckles on the face is one of the basic skills of a photo editor. If you are an amateur in this field and using professional photo editing tools is quite difficult. The following article will show you how to remove freckles on the face in Photoshop.

There are many photo editing software to help you remove freckles on the face such as Photoshop, PhotoScape, … However, not everyone knows how to remove acne and freckles so that the lines remain on. model face. This is a time-consuming and meticulous job.

How to remove facial freckles using Photoshop


– Download and install Photoshop on your computer
– A photo needs to remove freckles on the face

Step 1: Open the photo to edit in Photoshop

Step 2: Here we will use the tool Healing Brush Tool (B) to remove freckles. The working mechanism of the tool is very simple. Hold down the button Alt To select a smooth, non-acne skin area as a model, then move it to areas where freckles need to be removed and click, the program will automatically replace the skin in acne areas with sample skin.

TipsYou should choose a sample area near the area to remove acne, freckles to get the best effect. Because if you choose a beautiful skin area away from the part that needs to remove freckles, when done removal will make the face unnatural, may still be chubby.

Keep doing this until you can eliminate the freckles on the model’s face. In the end we will get results like this.
So you know how to remove acne, freckles on the face with Photoshop software, in this way, you will have the perfect photo to retain good memories. Also, you can refer Making motion light effects in Photoshop, Change hair color in Photoshop, ….


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