Remove payment cards on iTunes, delete Visa, MasterCard, and Amex cards on iTunes accounts

To avoid losing money without understanding why, you should remove the payment card on iTunes, delete Visa, MasterCard, and Amex cards on your iTunes account if you no longer need to use them as well as restrict. risks and costs incurred.

If you’ve ever linked your Visa, MasterCard, … payment cards to iTunes or AppStore to buy paid songs, apps, and games that are no longer needed, you can remove the card. Pay on iTunes to ensure that your account information is not exposed every time you transfer to someone who lends your iPhone and iPad, avoiding money loss.


Step 1: Log in to your account Apple Your has the link to the payment card above iTunes

Step 2: After logging in, select Account ->View My Account … to change your account information.

go to payment on itunes

Step 3: Section Payment Information choose Edit to edit payment information as well as delete itunes payment card above

go to payment on itunes

Step 4: You can change to add or delete your payment account at section Payment Type. To delete your payment account, select None Your account will not be linked to any payment card. You can still freely purchase the above free app AppStore without a payment card.

go to payment on itunes

Step 5: You can change some personal payment information in this section. After removing the payment card on iTunes, scroll down and select Done to complete the payment information change.
go to payment on itunesSo you are finished removing the payment card on iTunes, removing payment card on your Apple account. Currently, to register for an Apple ID account often requires users to link to a payment account to register, readers can refer to the Apple ID registration article to learn how to create an Apple account without You must add any payment card!


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