Rename the game character Pokemon Go, how to change the nickname, the player’s name

Rename game characters Pokemon Go, how to change the nickname, the name of the player if you are bored with the old character name. Follow the instructions of offline.

After a month of launch, there are now a lot of software to help Pokemon Go players easier. A typical example is Poke Radar. This software allows you to locate players and display the Pokemon that appear on the map correctly. Not only that, Poke Radar also shows users clearly how long that Pokemon will disappear.

Of course, players also need to have knowledge of Pokemon to know which Pokemon really rare and need to hunt. With Pokemon rarity list in Pokemon Go, you will only focus on hunting strong Pokemon, saving both time and PokeBall as well. Because the attraction of the Pokemon Go game is so great, many players probably have created Pokemon Go character names too quickly, resulting in bad character names. There is still a way to help you solve this problem is to change the game character’s name Pokemon Go. Please see the instructions immediately below.

Rename the game character Pokemon Go, how to change the nickname, the player’s name:

Step 1: Select Pokemon Go to login. Select the PokeBalls sphere icon again.

Step 2: Select Settings and click Change Nickname.

pokemon go game pokemon pokemon

Step 3: Click Yes to ready to rename. Next you enter the new character name and click OK.

pokemon go game pokemon pokemon

Step 4: Continue pressing YES 2 times to confirm the change of Pokemon Go character names.

pokemon go game pokemon pokemon

That’s it, using this trick you have successfully renamed the character in Pokemon Go, if you have not thought of a good name, you can refer to the good game names here.

Pokemon Go is not just a virtual reality game either. When playing Pokemon Go you can also draw 7 meaningful lessons in this game. Read 7 meaningful lessons while playing Pokemon Go to know what experience you need to cultivate through this game.

Pokemon currently has a large number of players, on the Google Play app stores and Apple Store always ranked in the Top 1. However, the game publisher only supports players on Android, iOS and not yet support players using Windows Phone operating system (Windows 10 Mobile), The game lovers can download using one of the links below for their device:
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Download Pokemon Go for iPhone: Version for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 8.0 or higher
Download Pokemon Go for Android: Version for Android devices such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Lenovo, … devices running Android OS 4.4 or higher
In addition, we can also join the new trend of the online community today, which is the photo of Pokemon Go. The pictures Photo processing Pokemon GO Can not help laughing, is downloading, you can view and rate them.


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