Repair BAD hard drive with HDD Regenerator

Bad Sector, also known as Bad, is a term that refers to the failure of a space in a hard drive that the hard drive cannot read or write. So how to find and fix the bad hard drive on the computer? HDD Regenerator is one of the useful software to solve hard drive errors

The worse the hard drive, the slower it will work and if the bad too much, the hard drive will be damaged, unusable. In today’s article, will guide you to fix bad hard drive with HDD Regenerator, a simple but powerful software.

Instructions to repair hard drive BAD with HDD Regenerator

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer. You can download the latest version of HDD Regenerator

– After downloading and installing, open the software, you will see the software interface as follows:

Step 2: Looking at the main window, you can see the line first “Click here to repair physical bad sector on damaged drive surface under Windows (XP, Vista, 7,8)”. This is the feature to scan and fix bad sectors directly on Windows, you will no longer need to reboot and go into MS Dos to do as previous versions.

– And Boot USB Flash and Boot CD / DVD are basically the same with the above function, except you create 1 USB or CD / DVD that can boot and fix bad when you restart the computer. To use this function, you plug in a USB or insert a CD / DVD into the machine and then click the corresponding item. Then you just need to restart the computer, press F12 and select boot with USB or CD / DVD and the program will automatically run and the interface will be the same as when editing directly on Windows.

Step 3: To use the bad repair function directly on Windows, you must first close all the remaining programs running on your computer, then click on the item Click here to repair physical bad sector on damaged driver surface under Windows (XP, Vista, 7,8). Then a message appears, click Cancel, because if selected Yes then the program will force the computer to reboot.

Step 4: Next, select Choose driver to process, you select your hard drive and then click Start Process. A new window will appear, please click Cancel. At this point, a black table appears, which contains options for the user.

Step 5: Option 1 is scan only, not fix errors. Option 2 is both scanned and corrected. You only need to press 2 and Enter is to be .

– Next you choose the item Scan and repair, then select the item Start Sector 0 and wait for the program to finish running. Depending on the size of the hard drive, the scanning time may vary, usually over an hour.

As you can see is the word B bad sectors have just been scanned R is the number of bad sectors recovered.
As you can see, fixing a bad hard drive with HDD Regenerator is really simple. You can consult and use other hard drive defragmentation software available in


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