Reputable data center server, RAID in Hanoi

Reputable data center server, RAID in Hanoi

Data recovery service for computers, servers, RAIDs is probably not too strange for many people but to find good addresses for saving data, not everyone knows. The following article will be a collection of addresses to save computer data, servers, quality RAID, reputation in Hanoi for those who need it.

What is data rescue? Data recovery or data recovery (or data recovery) is the process by which people use devices and software to retrieve data from damaged, corrupted or inaccessible secondary storage media. communication when it cannot be accessed normally.

Address rescue server data, prestigious RAID in Hanoi

Reputable data center server, RAID in Hanoi

Here are the top 5 Reputable data center server, RAID in Hanoi According to the evaluation of, please refer.


Vietnam Computer Data Recovery Co., Ltd. is one of the most reputable and reputable data rescue addresses in Hanoi. The strength of the unit is not only expertise but also the quality of service and implementation time.

But the data center may hold the reputation in Hanoi 2

The company’s services are highly appreciated by customers and users such as:

– Recover data encrypted by viruses – Blackmail virus.
– Rescue hard drive data CCTV, security cameras.
– Repair hard drive, server data rescue, Raid 5 data recovery, Raid 0, SAN SAN Recovery …

Website official CUUDULIEUHDD.COM: See here

Address: No. 20, Alley 143 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Phone Number: (024) 66,811,999; Hotline: 0989.711.388


Bach Khoa Data Recovery Center – Vietnam Computer Solutions Joint Stock Company is a big and reputable data rescue center along with professional services.

but the data center raid raid reputation in ha noi 3

The center is invested in complete and modern technology, Class 100 clean room opens the hard drive to replace the head from international standard, the specialized data rescue machine is transferred technology from Russia …

With Has been asserted brand by reputation, professionalism and real competence. In addition, the Center also attaches special importance to customer data security along with the best after-sales and customer care services.

Website official CUUMAYTINH.COM: See here

Address: No. 29, Lane 40 Ta Quang Buu – Bach Khoa – Hanoi

Phone Number: 1900,636,196 – 024 36230713 – 0912,600,250


HDD Data Recovery Center is a center specializing in service of coping with computer problems, data recovery on storage devices. With the cooperation of Vietnam Computer Solution Joint Stock Company and Hanoi University of Technology.

The center of data processing of computer programming in Ha Noi

Along with experience and availability, the center has been trusted by many units and individuals at home and abroad, security agencies, governments … to handle and process extremely important and sensitive data. cold.

The center has a team of highly qualified technicians so this is one of the data rescue centers worth your trust and choice.

Website official PHUCHOIDULIEUHDD.COM: See here

Address: P202, No. 41, Vu Pham Ham, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Phone Number: 024399.88.919 – 0976.758.881

4. 116GROUP

Center 116 was established in 2001 with over 18 years of experience in providing hard drive data recovery and successful data recovery services to many customers. With technology from Europe and many modern machines, 116GROUP provide data rescue services, repair hard drives, server data, Raid, rescue data SSDs, Servers, USB cameras, phones, memory cards …

In the heart of the data center, the best computer software is the best

Besides, 116GROUP also provides preferential services to customers who are agents, provides training technology transfer services for defense and security agencies and information technology companies.

Trung has a team of highly skilled technicians, professional working ability, and you will be free to test your equipment, if the services you are not satisfied with, 116GROUP pledges not to charge customers.

Website official 116GROUP: See here

Address: No. 46, Alley 204 Hong Mai – Hoang Mai – Hanoi

Phone Number: 024.66844.116 – 0988.373.116


HDD data rescue is the server rescue unit in Hanoi that is trusted by many customers. With the Center will help you recover data from corrupted servers for companies, large businesses, banks, departments …

The center of data storage raid credibility in Hanoi

HDD data rescue company specializes in receiving server data, recover corrupted server data. Rescue Raid data 0 Raid1, Raid5, Raid10, NAS / SAN server when encountering the following data loss situations:

– Failure, RAID card error
– RAID controller is damaged
– One of the system drive is dead, error.
– Damaged by fire, flood and other natural disasters.
– Power shock, lightning and sudden power failure.
– Corrupted files and server configuration files.
– Virus attack.

Website official CUUDULIEUPRO.COM: See here

Address: No. 20, Alley 143 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City.

TEL: (024) 66,811,999 – 0989 711 388

Walking through the Google search engine, you will see many addresses for searching data in Hanoi, so which ones are “the best” today? To help you quickly find high-quality and professional server data rescue centers in Hanoi, please refer to the reputable data rescue centers written above.

Above is the post to share about Reputable data center server, RAID in Hanoi which you can find when you have data problems. If in the South, you refer to the mall Research server data in Ho Chi Minh City here.
Also, before you save the data, you and the data recovery unit should pay attention 10 things before saving data in the article that shared. Good luck!


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