Resize photos in Photoshop 2020 effectively

Resize photos in Photoshop 2020 effectively

Currently, resizing images on computers has many ways such as using a website to resize images or using software, Photoshop. In this article, will guide how to change photos with the Paint tool.

Photo editing including image resizing now has a lot of software to do like Photoshop, PhotoScape, Fotor or Paint.

Resize photos in Photoshop 2020 effectively

However, resizing photos in Photoshop has many advantages compared to using image editing software such as Paint or PhotoScape, Fotor to resize photoshop thanks to features such as adjusting photos in the prescribed form or arbitrary. Above all, if you know how to resize photos in Photoshop and combine photos in Photoshop, you will be easier to master this impressive photo editing tool.

Resize photos in Photoshop, resize photos in Photoshop

* Resize photos in Photoshop using the resize function (Image Size).

Step 1: To resize an image in Photoshop, you need to import it into the software. Click here File >Open to open the finder and import the image into Photoshop.

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Step 2: After you’ve inserted the image into Photoshop, click Image >Image Size. To quickly activate the function Image Size, recommends using the Photoshop shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + I). Remember to use the Photoshop shortcut frequently to optimize your use with Photoshop.

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Step 3: In the window Image Size, just enter the size you want to convert into the two items Width and Cao at two entries Pixel Dimesions or Document size.

change photos by photoshop

Example resizing photos in Photoshop
In this example, wants to convert the image size from 550 x 389 about image size is 330 x 233. To resize the image in Photoshop as desired, you just need to enter the parameters in the Width and Height fields.

photoshop photoshop

And this is the result after the user resizes the image in Photoshop.

change the image in photoshop

In addition to a deeper understanding of functions, you can find out the following information:


– Pixel Dimensions: The dimensions of the pixels include Width and Height. Viewers can easily see the current image file size as K: Kilobytes, M: Megabytes or G: Gigabytes. In fact many people are more interested in this indicator.
– Document Size: The overall size of the photo. Provides more customization including Width, Height and Resolution. Changing parameters in Document Size also indirectly changes to Pixel Dimesions and vice versa.

This section also has many parameters for measuring the dimensions of the image such as cm, mm, inch, percent, point, etc.

– Scale Styles: Scale type of photo (not important)
Resample Image: Set photos after resizing with many customizations related to improving image quality after resizing photos in Photoshop. Usually when activating Resample Image, users will only be able to change the size of the Document Size because this function affects all pixels in a given image.

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Constrain Proportions. This function is most important when you allow you to lock the aspect ratio, that is, when you resize photos in Photoshop according to the height, the width will change as well.

Why is the Constrain Proportions function important?

You can see the lock icon appear next to two parameters Width and Cao. If you change one of the parameters width and height will change accordingly.

For example, resizes images from 550 x 389 about 200 x 150. However, when setting the Width parameter to 200, Parameter Height (height) of the image did not change as desired by the user.

how to change photoshop photoshop

So to resize the image in Photoshop according to your wishes you just need to uncheck the item Constrain Proportions, then press OK, got it to resize photos in Photoshop.

exactly the photoshop photoshop

As a result, you can edit photos in Photoshop as you like with the size 200 x 150.

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Step 4: Now that you have the important information for resizing photos in Photoshop, you can resize Photoshop. Change is complete, press OK, got it to see the result and save it to the computer.

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Image after resizing it in Photoshop.

Once you’ve resized your photos, you can use them to stitch photos in Photoshop or learn how to add text to photos in the most appropriate proportions. Of course, users should note that resizing images in Photoshop if not careful can lead to reduced image quality and make the image worse.

Therefore, the advice recommended by that readers should carefully review the file size before saving photos on Photoshop to a computer, and use the Save for web function to know the image quality after saving. Photos on Photoshop to your device offline.
Good luck!


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