Resize the Taskbar on Windows 10

Change the size of the Taskbar on Windows 10 to small and large according to the user’s wishes with just two very convenient basic steps, readers follow the instructions of to change the Taskbar size on Windows.

How to resize the Taskbar on Windows 10 is very easy and can be done in just a few basic steps. If you want your Taskbar to be more spacious, contain more icons, application folders, try the instructions in this article immediately, very simple and easy to implement.

The Windows 10 taskbar is not only a tool containing icons and folders, but also a tool that allows you to change colors and beautify the system.

Resize the Taskbar on Windows 10

Step 1: Right-click anywhere on the Taskbar.

Control the taskbar on Windows 10

Step 2: Uncheck the item Lock the Taskbar. After clicking Lock the Taskbar, you can optionally change the size of the Taskbar easily then.

Remember the taskbar on Windows 10

Also with Taskbar on Windows 10, also introduces you how to change the color of the Taskbar. To fix the size of the Taskbar, just right-click on the Taskbar and select Lock the Taskbar Please.

change the taskbar win 10

* Change the taskbar color on Windows 10

Step 1: Access Settings on Windows 10 by pressing the Start button> Settings, or using the key combination Windows + I, in addition, you can also refer to detailed instructions how go to Settings on Windows 10 has been introduced offline.

change taskbar taskbar

Step 2: Access Personalization in Settings.

Change the taskbar height on Windows 10

Step 3: Select tab Color in Personalization.

Control the size of the taskbar on Windows 10

Here, you continue to tick and enable the feature Show color on Start, taskbar, action center, and titile bar (Display colors on Start, taskbar, action center and title bar). By default, the system will automatically select and change the Taskbar color, Start menu from time to time, but if you want to change the color to your liking, continue as follows:

Create a taskbar on Windows 10

You can optionally choose your favorite colors for all of the aforementioned locations by removing the item Automatically pick accent color from my background right above. At that time, you can easily choose your favorite colors already.

activate the taskbar on Windows 10

After installing Windows 10, some changes and system settings will not be as you want, even cause Windows 10 error, that is when customizing the taskbar on Windows 10 is difficult, so you can refer to the 7 Taskbar Tweaker software to tweak the Taskbar.
Also as shared, customizing the Taskbar on Windows 10 also encountered some common problems related to the Taskbar. Usually someone knows how to hide the Taskbar on Windows but doesn’t know how to display it again, but the solution is quite simple with changes in the Taskbar’s Settings. If that is the case, please follow the instructions in the article to hide the Taskbar on Windows


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