Restore old driver updates on Driver Booster

Restore old driver updates on Driver Booster

In case the user wants to restore an old driver update on Driver Booster 3 due to an update but the driver is not compatible with the computer, follow the instructions in’s article to recover. Back to the old driver.

One of the best driver update software on Windows today, Driver Booster 3 includes two free and paid versions for users to choose. The advantage of the paid version is that it is possible to back up and restore updated driver data. In this article, will introduce to you the most impressive feature of Driver Booster, which is restoring old driver updates.

Restore old driver updates on Driver Booster

Step 1: Select Tab UptoDate at the main screen.

Step 2: Select any of the updated and installed drivers on your computer and click the backward triangle to open the option.

Step 3: Click here Roll back to restore updated drivers.

How to restart the driver update driver on the driver booster

How to back up drivers before restoring on Driver Booster

Note that this feature is only suitable for Driver Booster users of Pro version.

Step 1: Access to Driver Backups > Click the icon Rescue (restore)> Select the driver you want to back up and restore and press Restore.

Install the driver again on the driver booster driver

Or you can also press the menu icon>Rescue to open the recovery command box.

How to restart the driver to update the driver on the driver booster

Step 2: Click Backup to start the backup process.

Ignore driver update notification

Step 1: In the tab Outdated, click the reverse triangle icon to open the options menu. Choose Ignore in the drop down menu.

The driver must update the driver on the driver booster

Step 2: To restore, remove the selected driver from the Ignore list, you access Settings >Ignored > select Driver want to remove from the list> click OK, got it to complete.

Remove the driver update driver on the driver booster introduced to you how to restore old driver updates on Driver Booster software.

Driver Booster 3 is currently the version that supports finding, downloading and installing drivers automatically for the latest user computers, the program will automatically scan and check the drivers already on the computer, if the old versions, chapters The process will require downloading and installing a newer version

Besides, Driver Booster 3 also supports detecting and fixing many errors arising with hardware, conflicts causing the computer to hang. Thus, in addition to updating the driver for the computer, Driver Booster 3 also is a computer repair tool.

If you have not installed Driver Booster to update the driver for the computer, download it now because Driver Booster software is similar to DriverEasy or Driver Detective software. With DriverEasy, you can both update the driver, check the win error and even delete the registry, while the driver software for Driver Detective has the ability to search for missing drivers better than Driver Booster and DriverEasy. .

During the use process, if you do not want to replace the software with other driver download software, you can proceed to uninstall Driver Booster by traditional methods or use specialized software to remove the software. This, avoid the error when installing too much software to find drivers for the computer.
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