Reverse camera images using Xmeye

Reverse camera images using Xmeye

Recently, has received a lot of comments from readers reflecting the use of Xmeye Camera with inverted images, through research, the situation of reversing the camera image using Xmeye is not really an error, this is a The feature that the software has available in case the user encountered can easily overcome.

Actually the Reverse camera images using Xmeye is quite popular and not only with Xmeye Camera, but also many camera brands, software and applications have encountered this situation. However, do not forget that Xmeye Camera is considered to be one of the best software to view camera on computer today, so there is no reason that a software to view camera on computer such as Xmeye Camera cannot handle it. Reverse camera image problem using Xmeye.

Do not let readers wait for a long time, right now would like to teach you how to handle reverse camera images using Xmeye.

Reverse camera images using Xmeye

Step 1: In case you were reversed camera images using Xmeye as shown below try exit the application This out.

video camera using xmeye 2

Then proceed to wait and wait for it to finish buffering to see if the camera image still uses Xmeye.

camera image using xmeye 3

Step 2: If there is still a reverse camera image using Xmeye, please click Home icon.

camera image using xmeye 4

Step 3: In the Home section will appear a menu board with many features, do not care about anything other than the line Image Config.

camera images using xmeye 5

Step 4: In Image Config there is a feature Reversal Please enable it. This is a feature that helps us to handle reverse camera images using Xmeye.

video camera using xmeye 6

After activation is complete, please click Save to proceed to save the above settings.

video camera using xmeye 7

Step 5: Go back to the original camera interface, wait for the buffering to finish, you will immediately see the results that you have just done. The situation of reversing camera images using Xmeye has no longer occurred.

video camera using xmeye 8
With just a few basic operations, the reverse camera image using Xmeye will no longer occur. Image reverse is a common occurrence for people who use camera apps on their phones. On the computer, almost. So to avoid being reversed using Xmeye camera image you can apply the way in this article or install Xmeye Camera on your computer. Xmeye Camera has both desktop and PC versions Install Xmeye Camera On the computer will be supported more features than the phone version.


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