Review Avast Mobile Security 2017: Unstable performance

Although Avast Mobile Security has a solid wall of protection against malware, some features of the application do not work as expected. Overall review of Avast Mobile Security 2017: unstable performance.

Avast Mobile Security Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus has more than 100 million downloads, rated 4.5 stars on Google Play Store, and was selected as the best Android security application in 2014 and 2015. The application has the anti-theft tool and strong security (only for some root devices) and good malware detection rate.

Review Avast Mobile Security 2017: Unstable performance

Avast’s level of protection for mobile devices has changed in recent years. If Avast Mobile Security 2016 supports free advertising, it loses points because of low “malware detection rate”.

The malware detection rate on Avast Mobile Security 2017 is quite a bit better. However, the feature Call Blocker does not work, and anti-theft features experience problems connecting to the Avast web portal.

For users looking for free antivirus solutions and applications, Norton Mobile Security is the preferred choice. For users who are willing to spend money, Bitdefender Mobile Security is your best option.

Price and protection level

Avast application is priced 1.99 USD / month and 7.99 USD / year, with some extra features and benefits.

Some benefits of the premium package (premium feature pack) include: anti-theft feature (Anti-Theft), App Lock (formerly a separate paid app), remove ads from apps and support Direct assistance from Avast.

Avast’s premium package price is also quite cheap. Most high-end security apps for Android cost at least $ 15 a year. However, unlike other applications, Avast adds some features from separate applications, different paid programs.

Wifi Finder is the only surviving application in Avast’s lineup of free applications and has no option to upgrade.

Battery Saver and Cleanup & Boost of Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus with a set of free basic features and the option to upgrade to premium (premium features) or upgrade to remove ads and provide a few other extras.

Finally, Avast offers a SecureLine VPN app with a free trial period of 7 days or 14 days, depending on whether the user chooses the monthly or yearly plan. After the end of the trial period, users will have to pay 2.59 USD / month or 19.99 USD / year.

Degree of protection against malware

2017 avast mobile security 2017

Review Avast Mobile Security 2017: Unstable performance

Avast sets up the option to scan for malware in front of and between the application centers. When you open the app, at the top of the screen you will see a big green button with the word “SCAN ”.

One minus point is that in tests and assessments, Avast’s scanning is listed as one of the slowest. Application scanning takes between 45 seconds and 1 minute to complete.

In addition, the application also allows users to arrange scanning schedules by date and time.

Web Shield Avast’s protection protects users while they are browsing the web, and works on both the native Android browser, Chrome browser, Amazon Silk, Boat Browser or Boat Browser mini browser.

Anti-malware performance

Avast Mobile Security has achieved impressive scores in the evaluation of Android security applications of the German independent laboratory AV-TEST, conducted in July 2017.

The application detected 99.8% of 3,328 malware in real time and 99.9% of 3,129 malware samples collected in the previous 4 weeks.

Although this score is not very “perfect”, but at least beat the average detection rate of 98.3% in real time and 99.6% of recently discovered threats out of 19 applications. Android security that AV-TEST tested in July.

Among the 5 antivirus applications that AV-TEST evaluated, Bitdefender Mobile Security and Norton Mobile Security both had a 100/100% detection rate in July, followed by Psafe DFNDR (99.9 / 99.9%) and CM Security. 99.0 / 99.3%.

Avast’s malware detection rate is also more stable than other antivirus applications. In May 2017, Avast scored 99.5 / 99.9%, in March 2017 was 99.9 / 99.8%, and in January 2017 was 99.8 / 99.9%.

In contrast, the rate of CM Security fluctuated greatly, in May 2017, the detection rate of CM Security was 100/100% and decreased to a lower level in July. Psafe DFNDR’s detection rate in March was 96.3 / 97.2%. Bitdefender and Norton remained the same, reaching 100/100%.

Free security features and tools

Call Blocker

2017 avast mobile security 2017

Review Avast Mobile Security 2017: Unstable performance

Basically, this feature is similar to the feature set on Avast Mobile Security 2016, allowing users to create blacklists to block specific phone numbers. However, this feature on Avast Mobile Security 2017 does not work exactly as it did on real-time tests conducted on the app last year.

App Permission (application permissions)

This feature is also known as Privacy Advisor, scan for applications that you install, and provide a list of high, medium, or low access lists. In addition the feature also provides more detailed information about rights and online advertising network (ad network).

Anti-Theft (anti-theft)

Among antivirus applications, Avast is still the most powerful anti-theft application. The anti-theft features of Avast work quite well, except for the lack of SMS commands.

However the bad news is that many users face problems connecting to slow web portals. The web portal only reports it cannot connect to the phone for hours, even if the user is viewing the web portal on the computer, using the same Wifi network that the phone connects to.

Obviously, this is an unprecedented problem on anti-virus applications that have anti-theft features or Find My Device built-in on Android devices.

Although Avast has built-in anti-theft feature, you should not trust and assign important tasks such as anti-theft for the application.

The standard anti-theft options on Avast include the ability to locate, lock and erase the device and activate the siren. The command to track the device automatically activates location requests at intervals, which can be set as often as every 5 minutes.

Function Mark as Lost is a combination of the above commands, this function monitors and locks the device, activates the siren and disables USB debugging so that the phone is not tampered with.

In addition, the anti-theft feature on Avast also has the ability to forward all calls or messages sent to the device to another phone number. Messages on stolen or lost devices can be duplicated or just sent to the new phone number. While it is possible to back up Android contacts on Google, you can order downloads of contacts, calls and SMS messages from your phone.

Finally, you can contact your device directly by customizing the message that will appear on your device or by forcing the device to call any number you choose. The app will try to hide this call, so you can choose to use this feature to talk to someone who stole your phone or just listen to them speak.


Only rooted devices can use this feature, allowing users to control Internet access for each application individually. You can block an app’s entire Internet access or block an app’s Internet access whenever the device has no WiFi connection.

Features integrated in the Premium package (premium feature pack)


Users of the paid version of Avast Mobile Security have three additional anti-theft functions. The first function is to take a picture of a user stealing your device and entering a wrong PIN on the lock screen.

The second function is to remove the SIM card that is set to activate the Mark as Lost command. , monitor device, lock device, set buzzer and disable USB debugging. And the last function is to activate the microphone on the device to record the surrounding sound.

App Locker

Most Avast support the use of a fingerprint scanner to unlock each application individually, a PIN required only during the installation process as a backup option.

Direct support from Avast

One of the limitations of free Avast software is that it does not support users but only paid software. Avast also promises to prioritize support for users of paid software.

SecureLine VPN

Avast’s virtual networking application works well with Avast mobile software. The simple interface allows you to connect to the best available VPN server, or to a server in your country of choice if you want to bypass the geographical restrictions. In a test connected to a trusted organization, it only took 2 seconds.

Wifi Finder

If you are looking for a reliable open WiFi connection, Avast can help you do this. The app will display nearby Wifi networks on a map and integrate with SecureLine VPN to protect you in case if the network connection is not secure.

System impact

To evaluate the system impact of Avast Mobile Security, the tests were performed using the Geekbench 4 benchmarking tool on Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Nougat 7.0.

After installing Avast Mobile Security, the device’s performance was 0.39% lower than the average performance in the Geekbench 4 test. During a full scan, the device achieved 7.35%, lower than the performance. its basic.

This result brings Avast Mobile Security ranked No. 2 among antivirus applications, in terms of system impact. But in terms of performance during the malware scan, Avast Mobile Security is in the last place.

Bitdefender Mobile Security has the least impact on the system during the scan.

Installation and support

The entire process of downloading and installing applications only takes 10 minutes. Obviously, this number does not create a good impression for the application.

Some parts of the installation were handled fairly well. When users are asked for specific permissions or switch settings on the device for the app to work properly, Avast provides helpful animations to guide the user through.

Avast user support is handled primarily through a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and moderated forums. Frequently asked questions, but the forums are not censored as well as before but still work.

The last support method for users is email support, and this is the preferred support method for users using paid software. However, Avast lacks support through online chat or phone calls, which makes many users feel uncomfortable.


In general, the Avast interface is simple, you can search for options immediately without having to move much. At the bottom of the screen are additional features or advertisements. Users can expect Avast to continue perfecting the new interface design for more professional applications.

Above is an overview of Avast Mobile Security 2017 assessment, so how are your comments about Avast Mobile Security 2017? Readers, please share your opinion to know.

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