Review Backblaze, data storage services, online files

Review Backblaze, data storage services, online files

Backblaze provides an easy and economical way to back up data to the cloud. With only about $ 50 a year and offering many great features, Backblaze can be an online data storage service for you. And to be sure of that, will help you evaluate Backblaze by pointing out the pros and cons of this service.

Most cloud storage providers mention the number of users they have and the number of files being stored safely in their servers, but Backblaze easily won that bragging rights with over 600 petabytes of data are stored, and nearly 35 billion files are recovered. Backblaze Provides a simple and affordable way to back up data without forcing users to perform complex tasks. But is Backblaze the right solution for everyone? Join us in evaluating Backblaze in the following content.

Review Backblaze, cloud storage service

Table of Contents:
1. What are the advantages of Backblaze ?.
2. Disadvantages of Backblaze.

1. What are the advantages of Backblaze?

– Unlimited storage space at an extremely competitive price: For $ 4.2 / month (paid annually), you get unlimited storage space to back up entire files on your computer.

Automatic and easy backup: Once installed on a PC or Mac, Backblaze automatically backs up all files on your computer with all file extensions, except temporary files and system files. Although the initial backup may take several weeks to complete, you will save a lot of time because there will be no need to select each file or folder to backup. Backblaze will then track changes to every file in your computer and only copy the affected parts accordingly, instead of the entire file again.

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Review Backblaze, online cloud service

Simple user interface: Backblaze has an easy-to-use user interface, with the basics you need to back up data on your computer.

Strong file protection: Files uploaded to the Backblaze server are securely encrypted with the encryption key held by Backblaze itself. There is also a private encryption option, where you are the only one who has an encryption key and you can also use the security code option to increase the level of security.

Great backup solution: In case your computer (HDD) has problems, you can download your files with a certain limit. You can continuously make 5 requests for 500GB of data, which will be provided in the .zip file format.

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Review Backblaze, an online data storage tool

There is also an additional option, in which Backblaze can send an external drive or hard drive via FedEx for you to quickly recover data. You will be charged a shipping fee, but when the courier to send it back, you will be refunded.

Fast online customer support service: Live chat is available on weekdays, from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific time zone. They also have an effective email system, where you will receive a response within a few hours.

2. Disadvantages of Backblaze

The above mentioned reasonable price is on each computer, so if you use multiple computers, that fee will increase many times. Moreover, mobile applications can access the backup file remotely but cannot be used for synchronization. Finally, previous versions of the file will be removed after 30 days, a relatively short time compared to many other hosting services.
Above are some Backblaze reviews on the advantages and disadvantages of the service, please refer to the article pCloud rating Here to compare the two hosting services together.


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