Review FxSound Enhancer – Listen to better and better music without the need for a hardware upgrade

One of the limitations is that when playing music on user devices, the quality of the output sound is reduced significantly. FxSound Enhancer is one of the current high quality music players. The following article will review FxSound Enhancer – Listen to better and better music without the need for hardware upgrade.

Music producers often use the most advanced and advanced technology to record their songs and music. However, in the end, the quality of the output sound when played on user devices will also be significantly reduced.

Review FxSound Enhancer, Review FxSound Enhancer

That’s why many users search for high quality music players without requiring a hardware upgrade.

In the following article, will introduce you to FxSound Enhancer. Refer to the following article to see the FxSound Enhancer Review – Listen to great music and better though no hardware upgrade.

Review FxSound Enhancer – Listen to better and better music without the need for a hardware upgrade

Among the reasons that FxSound Enhancer attracts users include:

– The installation file size is quite light, only weighs 1.58 MB.

– Works pretty well on most devices equipped with any hardware, especially does not require a hardware upgrade.

Fine tune the sound effects

– Realistic sound: Eliminate distorted sounds, restore original sound quality.

– Ambience. Refresh the sound depth.

– 3D Surround Sound (3D Surround): Add sound depth.

– Dynamic Boost: Increases headroom and better sound quality.

– Bass: Improve, create deeper bass.

review fxsound enhance 2

You can fine-tune, change these settings by choosing to keep the preset values ​​from the list unchanged or using the slider to adjust the values.

Customize sound presets

FxSound Enhancer offers a variety of audio presets, allowing you to select these options based on the type of music you are listening to. There are 48 different presets setting options.

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The simplest way to test these options is to select and apply different presets. The software changes the sound quality and output in real time.

Audio output on FxSound

Basically speaking, the audio output on FxSound is quite good quality. If desired, you can combine effects to capture audio output.

Or can be used in conjunction with an external sound card such as the Creative THX Sound Blaster X-Fi Pro! (cost about $ 25), create virtual audio equipment called “What U Hear”.

Some notes when using FxSound

Before starting to mix music, make sure you turn off FxSound, the reason is that the software will pump up the sound quality, changing the output sound quality.
Above are some FxSound Enhancer reviews – Listen to music better and better, without the need for hardware upgrades. In addition, you can learn more some software to increase music volume, sound through the article About TOP software to increase the speaker volume Computer Hopefully after the article on, readers will know some more information about new high quality music software and choose for themselves the appropriate software for listening to music and entertainment.


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