Review pCloud, online data storage service

Review pCloud, online data storage service

pCloud is a secure and easy-to-use cloud storage service, providing up to 10GB of free online data storage and lifetime packages up to 2TB. Although pCloud is not perfect, but will not hesitate to rate pCloud and recommend it to users for the reasons mentioned in this article.

Founded in Switzerland, pCloud pCloud was a relatively new name in the online storage market when it started in 2013. However, when the new wet foot entered the field, pCloud proved that cloud storage service of They are flexible, optimal solution for both personal and business users. We will evaluate pCloud and learn more about it through the following review article.

Evaluation of pCloud, outstanding features and weaknesses of pCloud

Table of Contents:
I. Outstanding features of pCloud.
II. What is the weakness of pCloud ?.

I. Outstanding features of pCloud

1. Flexibility: pCloud provides backup services, but it also focuses on syncing with existing folders on your computer. That pulls you out of the hassle of having to upload files every time just to save them.

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Review pCloud, online data backup service

2. Multi-platform and user friendly service: Not only is it easy to use, you can also use pCloud on both mobile devices and even on Linux. It includes the ability to access and open your offline files (however Internet is required to synchronize) with the built-in plugins. Moreover, the service also has a useful remote upload feature, which allows you to upload from other websites like Dropbox or Google Drive.
3. Useful file sharing features: pCloud has a folder called Public Folder that you can use to provide easily accessible links to other users, so they can view the files you have while keeping them safe.
If you understand HTML, you can even build and host static web pages or embedded images / videos, or other files and use your cloud storage account to host the site. This is perfect if you want to highlight your work on a simple website, without having to own a separate website hosting account, using your account’s Public Folder. You can also provide an upload link to allow others to share their files with you.
4. Save file versions up to 180 days: Have you ever worked on a file, saved it, and realized it was too late when you were mistaken or needed appropriate data from a previous file version? pCloud allows you to access your file versions for a period of 180 days ago, just in case your file storage is actually a mistake.

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Review pCloud, cloud storage service

5. Unlimited equipment used: You can access your account from any device.
6. The insurance server to back up valuable data: pCloud backs up your online memory on at least 3 different servers to ensure that your data can be accessed from 3 different sources, if any unexpected problems occur.
7. Lifetime registration package: A one-time payment will only give you a lifetime subscription to their services and any future improvements to those services, so you don’t need to renew your subscription each time your subscription expires.
8. Excellent customer service: Customers can email or use the online contact form on the website to receive support responses in less than 1 hour.

II. What is the weakness of pCloud?
There aren’t any major drawbacks to this cloud storage provider. The only concern is in the security aspect because while your files are password protected, but if you want to increase the security by encrypting your files, then you have to pay more for them. power. Above are some reviews of pCloud, the leading online file storage service. You can research and choose to use instead of services Google Drive by Google or Dropbox Please.


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