Review Samsung air conditioner, should you buy it?

Review Samsung air conditioner, should you buy it?

Although Samsung’s air conditioner production segment is not as prominent as its technology segment, Samsung air conditioners also attract a large number of users. In this article, will conduct a review of Samsung air conditioners to help you find the answer to the question “Should I buy Samsung air conditioner?”.

Many people wonder Should I buy a Samsung air conditioner? because Samsung has strengths in the mobile, television, and refrigerator segments, while its air conditioners are quite pale compared to other well-known air conditioning brands such as Daikin, Toshiba or Panasonic. To answer your question, will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung. From there, you can more easily make your choice.

Is Samsung air conditioner good?

Article Table of Contents:
1. Review Samsung air conditioner.
2. Pros and cons.
3. Should buy Samsung air conditioner?.

I – Review of Samsung air conditioners

It is difficult to evaluate each Samsung air conditioner model, so will only focus on the most notable features, features and technologies that Samsung equips its products.

1. Models, designs

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Referring to products from Samsung, the majority of users appreciate the design, design and Samsung air conditioner is no exception. With a modern design and elegant colors, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your Samsung air conditioner will match the design style of your home. In addition, this famous Korean brand is constantly improving its products in terms of both design and technology. They have launched a line of cold eyebrows made from 3 triangular cylinders. This design not only gives a unique feel, but also increases the cooling capacity.

2. Refrigeration technology

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– Fast Cooling mode: Cools 16% faster than normal mode by running the compressor at full power with the fastest fan speed for 30 minutes.
– Digital Inverter Boost Technology: Accelerate the air cooling rate to 43%.
– Wind Free cooling technology: Samsung’s Wind Free air conditioner model has an automatic 2-step cooling mode that is fast cooling and airless cooling, helping the room quickly reach the optimal cool temperature or blowing cold air gently.
– AI intelligent cooling technology: Automatically analyze the surrounding temperature and user’s temperature setting habits to optimize different modes, to choose the right mode for the user.

3. Deodorizing and antibacterial technology

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– Easy Filter Plus/3-Care Filter: The Easy Filter Plus is located on the outside, at the top of the Samsung air conditioner, so it can be easily removed and cleaned by the user. The filter’s dense mesh keeps the heat exchanger clean, and the anti-bacterial coating helps protect you from dangerous airborne contaminants.
– PM Filter 1.0: Filters out ultra-fine dust effectively, keeping the air fresh. Air conditioners have air quality indicator lights and laser sensors that warn of pollution levels. Filter design is easy to clean and maintain.
– Auto Clean feature: Automatic drying of the heat exchanger using a rigorous 3-step process. Removes moisture by blowing air for 10 to 30 minutes, thereby preventing the accumulation and growth of bacteria and odors.
– Tri-Care filter: Capable of filtering 99% of viruses, bacteria, ultrafine dust and allergens, keeping the air fresh and clean.

4. Ability to save electricity

– Digital Inverter Boost Technology: Helps to save energy efficiently up to 73% and maintain the desired temperature stable.
– ECO Mode: When Eco mode is turned on, the compressor runs at low capacity, thereby limiting power consumption compared to normal mode.
– Advanced Motion Detect Sensor: Motion tracking to disperse cool air to the user’s location. Wind Free mode will be turned on if the sensor does not detect movement for 20 minutes, in order to save maximum power consumption.

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5. Smoothness in operation

Previous models of Samsung’s air conditioners are considered to cause quite a lot of noise, but with Samsung air conditioners released in recent years, especially air conditioners equipped with Digital Inverter Boost technology, the company has overcome this shortcoming.

6. Some other outstanding features of Samsung air conditioners

Triple Protector Plus Technology: Anti-shock outdoor unit, anti-shock indoor unit, anti-corrosion.
– Good Sleep mode: Maintain ideal temperature, limit cold wind to help sleep more comfortable.
– Refrigerant R32: Environmentally friendly, efficient cooling.
– Humidity control: Helps limit dehydration when staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time.

7. Price

Depending on the type of air conditioner, supported technology and operating capacity, Samsung air conditioners have different prices. Below are the reference prices of Samsung air conditioners:

– 1 HP capacity (for room about 15m2): Prices range from 9-14 million.
– 1.5 HP capacity (for room about 15-20m2): Prices range from 12 to 22 million VND.
– 2 HP capacity (for rooms about 20 – 30m2): Prices range from 16 to 23.5 million VND.
– Capacity 2.5 HP (for room about 30-40m2): Prices range from 25 to 30 million VND.

II – Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung air conditioners

1. Advantages of Samsung air conditioners

– Intelligent cooling system with many modes.
– Maximum power saving with motion sensor and Digital Inverter Boost technology.
– Effective antibacterial and deodorizing technology.
– Many utilities such as automatic cleaning, humidity control, automatic start-up when power is on, Good Sleep mode…
– Beautiful design.
2-year warranty on the whole machine, 10 years on the compressor.

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2. Disadvantages of Samsung air conditioner

– Not specialized in air conditioning.
– Louder noise and less durable than air conditioners from other brands.

III – Should buy Samsung air conditioner?

Samsung air conditioners have certain advantages and disadvantages. In general, Samsung air conditioners are more affordable than Panasonic or Daikin air conditioners but are still equipped with modern technologies and smart features. Should or should not buy Samsung air conditioner depends on the preferences and financial conditions of your family. After conducting an evaluation of Samsung air conditioners, draws the following conclusions:

Buy a Samsung air conditioner if you want an air conditioner that has a luxurious, modern look, includes premium amenities and features, and is quality worth the price.
– Do not buy Samsung air conditioners if you want to choose products with high durability and come from a strong brand in the air conditioner segment.
Above is’s opinion about Samsung air conditioner. How about you? Do you think Samsung air conditioners are good? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and if you do not buy Samsung air conditioners, you can consider air conditioners from other brands such as LG, Daikin, Panasonic.

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