Reviewing Bitstamp, reliable cryptocurrency exchange?

Currently, the virtual currency exchange Bitstamp is crowded with investors and users. If you approach the Bitstamp exchange, please refer to the following article to better understand Bitstamp, how to create an account, is Bitstamp scam?

Bitstamp is one of the oldest online bitcoin cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange was founded in 2011, and is licensed in Luxembourg as a legal EU payment organization

Reviewing Bitstamp, reliable cryptocurrency exchange?

Table of Contents:
1. What is Bitstamp ?.
2. Features of Bitstamp.
3. Transaction fee.
4. Overview of Bitstamp.
5. Other virtual currency exchanges.

Reviewing Bitstamp, reliable cryptocurrency exchange?

1. What is Bitstamp?

The Bitstamp exchange is found online at, with over 700,000 traders worldwide trust and use. Bitstamp is fully licensed in Bitcoin trading in Luxembourg and is available to traders worldwide.

Founded in 2011, Bitstamp is one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume (the exchange has the 2nd largest trading volume in the world at some point in 2016). The latest bitcoin price is updated continuously to bring the most necessary information to the players, because knowing exactly the latest Bitcoin price makes new transactions faster and more successful.

Bitstamp was established to compete with the Mt. Gox. The exchange was designed as an alternative to Mt. Gox in Europe, focusing more on the Euro market. Currently, Bitstamp allows transactions via USD, although users can easily trade EUR on the platform.

The company was founded in August 2011, managing director is Nejc Kodrič. The company was originally based in Slovenia, home of Kodrič. However, the company moved to the UK in April 2013 and then moved to Luxembourg in 2016.

2. Features of Bitstamp

Licensed in Luxembourg: Bitstamp claims to be the first licensed bitcoin exchange in the EU.
There are no hidden fees: Bitstamp offers a transparent, quantitative pricing platform with no hidden fees.
Instant execution command: You can make instant transactions with all major credit cards.
Safe and transparent: Bitstamp keeps 98% of its funds offline. These funds are audited quarterly by one of the four leading international auditing firms in the world today (Big Four).
Supported mobile devices: Bitstamp apps are available for iOS and Android.

bitstamp transaction level

Is the Bitstamp exchange scam?

Web browser: All Bitstamp features are accessible via the web browser on any device.
API support: API support: Bitstamp’s application programming interface (API) allows customers to access and control their accounts with custom software. Bitstamp API support includes HTTP API, Websocket API, and FIX. The only drawback to the API is that you cannot make more than 600 requests at a time in a 10 minute period.

3. Transaction fee

– For small transactions, traders pay 0.25% for each transaction. Transaction fees will be reduced with transactions over EUR 18,000 over 30 days. Fees will continue to drop for traders who make transactions over 18 million EUR in 30 days, in which case the translator only needs to pay the transaction fee of 0.10%.
– EUR / USD transactions have a fee of 0.20%.
– The fee for transferring money from your Bitstamp account to the card is USD 10 in cash for USD 1,000. For transfers over USD 1,000, you will be charged 2%. The purchase fee (on-line or online) is USD 0.35, no SEPA deposit fee, SEPA withdrawal fee is EUR 0.90.
– Buy a credit card with a fee of 8%, this fee will be reduced to 5% if purchased over 5000 USD / 5000 EUR
– Deposit and withdraw money with no fees.
– You can visit their website to see the entire fee structure of Bitstamp. Like other exchanges, Bitstamp offers cryptocurrency trading, clear pricing, and offers users all prepaid transaction fees without hidden fees.

Bitcoin is currently very popular in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, the number of people focusing on Bitcoin mining is increasing, but there are few cases due to the wrong way of mining BItcoin, resulting in no results. as expected, leading to mass bankruptcy.

4. Overview of Bitstamp

Bitstamp was founded in August 2011 by CEO Nejc Kodrič and Damijan Merlak. The company was originally located in Slovenia, home to Nejc Kodrič, then moved to the UK in April 2013 before moving to Luxembourg in 2016.

The reason the company relocated was because Slovenia lacked financial and legal services. In addition, the legal authorities informed them that bitcoin was not classified as a currency, so their transactions would not be licensed or regulated.

Eventually Bitstamp reached an agreement with the Luxembourg government. The country has licensed Bitstamp to apply the full rules as a legitimate EU payment institution. That is, Bitstamp can do business in 28 EU member states.

bitstamp transaction level

Currently, Bitstamp continues to develop more offices in London, England on their official website (5 New Street Square). You can contact the company via email: In addition, Bitstamp has an office in Luxembourg and a Bitstamp USA Inc. office. different in New York.

In addition to CEO Nejc Kodrič, the key team members include David Osojnik (CTO), Stéphane Leloup (CCO), Vasja Zupan (COO), and Bénédicte Keith (CFO).

Bitstamp is one of the oldest online bitcoin exchanges on the Internet. Founded in 2011, the exchange is licensed in Luxembourg as a legitimate EU payment institution. Bitstamp charges a transaction fee of 0.25% per transaction.

Overall, Bitstamp does not offer as many cryptocurrency pairs as other exchanges. The company chooses instead to maintain higher liquidity in a number of smaller cryptocurrency pairs.

Above has just provided you with some information about Bitstamp is a safe, licensed Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange. To learn more about Bitstamp, or if you want to open an account, visit the online transaction at

5. Other virtual currency exchanges

– Ether Delta Exchange
– Cryptopia exchange.
– GDAX trading floor.
Besides, you can find out some other Bitcoin exchanges like BitOasis, a well-known exchange in the Middle East and North America.


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