ROS eventful Mid-Autumn event

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming very close, many games are launching new things towards this event such as Rules Of Survival, the management board gives players more interesting experiences after unique gifts.

Frequently bringing gamers exciting events, Rules of Survival this time continues to open with extremely attractive Mid-Autumn event. Gamers will have the opportunity to own extremely valuable ingame gifts when participating in quests and completing in this special event.

Participating in this series of events to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, players are shown fighting skills if lucky will win extremely vivid prizes. Each gift received has its own meaning. Your investment in the Rules of Survival event is a way to enrich your outfit.

New gun AN94

Mid autumn festival review 2

For gamers who specialize in FPS games, the AN94 gun must be no stranger. With the maneuverability in handling combined with quick firing, AN94 in Rules of Survival allows you to fight better. Moreover, gamers will have to be amazed at the beautiful appearance of this gun. When equipped with confidence that you will become “pro” more.

Lovely Rabbit fashion

Mid-autumn festival exam 3

The Mid-Autumn Festival is indispensable for the appearance of Ms. Hang and the lovely Rabbit Ngoc. Besides the appearance of the new string suit, gamers also have the opportunity to own an extremely cute Rabbit mask. When you equip it is like dressing up in a Halloween festival.

Share receive gifts

In addition to the appearance of new equipment, Rules of Survival also gives gamers a whole server by sharing information through social networks. Specifically from September 19 to the end of September 30, gamers who play game share games on personal pages or forums will receive gift boxes of diamonds or 500 gold.

Extended combat activity

From September 19 to September 26, you can also participate in more activities as the management expands. Especially if you want to own the Mid-Autumn Medal, gamers need to satisfy the criteria of the number of times involved, the rank as well as the number of people destroyed …

Mid-autumn festival review 4

As such, you can see Rules of Survival’s Mid-Autumn Festival event expanded and there are many new things. This gives gamers the opportunity to own rare and valuable items and drastically improve their rankings.

You are looking for best wishes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, please refer to the best wishes in the article Mid-Autumn wishes that shared earlier.

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