ROS update 11/13 what's HOT?

ROS update 11/13 what’s HOT?

According to the developers’ schedule, Rules of Survival has regular maintenance every week and upgrades the game to new versions, content and special activities for gamers, update the version to experience. Those interesting features.

On the morning of November 13, 2019, Rules of Survival launches a new version to celebrate birthdays, gamers after logging in will receive support rewards including Gem, weapons, equipment and collect redemption cards Get a free gift.

Series of 2-year-old birthday game events

Maintenance period to update the new version

As usual, the publisher will close the game for about 3 hours to update the Rules of Survival to the new version, you can not log into the game at the following time:
– Maintenance time: 05:00 – 08:00 November 13, 2019.

Details of Rules of Survival update 11/13

1. New content.

– During the birthday show, every day after logging into the Rules of Survival game, players will receive a reward, specifically here is Gem.
– In the new version, gamers will experience the new 20vs20 mode, chaos unprecedented in the survival games today.
– KC Star hearing aids upgraded to Gem hearing containers
– Open reselling hot supplies at preferential prices, collect 2-year-old birthday cards, spin for free and win many attractive prizes from game publishers.
– Add people to fly:
+ Launched the theme skin for 2 years Add the first person to fly.
+ Can invite friends to fly and skydive

2. Fix errors

– Fix bug after player has selected paragliding, cannot choose the next parachute skin.
– Fix bug when watching the battle can summon removable media.
– Fix Soul Scythe bug with no damage
– Fix bug in some modes, Bouncung Bot Magma Crusher skin after entering the game cannot be moved.

As can be seen, the event celebrating the 2-year birthday of the survival game Rules of Survival is quite attractive, players just log in to the game and get free diamonds, they are extremely important currency to buy. items, equipment, and other accessories.
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